Home Sweet Home

I’ve been home a little over 24 hours from an incredible mission trip to Chicago.  I am so grateful for the week that we had to build relationships, grow in Christ, serve others in His name, and invest in eternity.  I’ve been going on mission trips for several years and have loved every one of them.  However, there was something so incredible about seeing Clint and Emma pull up to school to pick me up last night.  Apart from Jesus Christ himself, they are my most precious treasures and I missed them terribly this week.  I am so grateful that Clint and Emma are so close and I know that they had a great week.  Many husbands and dads aren’t as incredible as Clint is about taking care of their kids by themselves…much less an adventurous little girl like our Emma!

As soon as they picked me up, we jumped right in to catching up on family time.  Here are some of the things that the past 26 hours have held for us…

  • Dinner at Taco Bell/Long John Silvers-only the finest for our family.  Seriously…when you have that many options, you can’t miss!
  • Menchie’s with a great friend-I know that I am slowly becoming addicted to that place, but great news…Emma loves it and Clint loves to do whatever we love to do!
  • Put Emma to bed and read the story of Zaccheus for the millionth time
  • Woke up 2 hours after laying down with Emma-I love getting to lay there and talk with her.
  • Finished work on the Spring Term blog
  • Slept in this morning until 8:30-If you know me, you are shocked by that…me too, but obviously it was needed!
  • Cooked breakfast with Emma-Canned biscuits count…they don’t cook unless you take them out of the can and that is just what we did!
  • Did laundry-Only mine from this week because Clint is always so awesome to do all the other laundry when I am gone…and most of the time when I am here!
  • Went to Target
  • Ate lunch at home-For those of you keeping score at home…that is two meals in a row at home.  Definitely out of character for us!
  • Put Emma down for a nap
  • Clint ran errands and I wrote a paper for my doctorate class while watching the Final Four
  • Played with Emma
  • Played with Emma
  • Played with Emma some more and hugged her a lot!
  • Clint came home
  • We ate dinner at home-Just to mix things up, Clint went and got Chinese, but we are still counting it as three meals at home today.
  • I went to Publix for a few quick things
  • Clint, Emma, and I gathered up things for putting our pontoon boat in the water for the first time tomorrow
  • Clint went to get the boat
  • Emma and I played and played…then we cleaned up what we played with
  • I put Emma to bed-What a treat!
  • Clint came home
  • Clint and I ate chocolate chip cookies while watching the Final Four
  • Read a lot in “Think” by John Piper
  • Blogged
  • Getting ready to call it a night

I am so excited that this week is Spring Break.  That provides me a ton of time to invest in my sweet family.  Clint calculated that August 11 will be Emma’s 1,000 day on this earth.  She has roughly a total of 7,000 days between birth and leaving for college.  Hard to believe that we are almost 1/7th of the way there.  I don’t want to miss a thing.

It was great to be able to go to Chicago and serve, but it is the privilege of a lifetime to do life together with my family.  God has blessed us beyond measure and we are eternally grateful for the greatness of our God!

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