Emma: March 2011

March was a great month in the life of our sweet Emma!  She is growing up so fast.  Yes, I do put that in each month’s blog post…but it is so true!  Emma is becoming so interested in everything around her.  Emma loves to sing and loves to talk.  She also loves reading.  The best part is that she thinks she can read.  She will have Clint or I read her a book.  Then, she will pick up another book and read it to us.  She may actually be able to read, but only if she really does speak Romanian!  She is hilarious to watch because she is so animated and so sure she is reading to us.

Our family has gotten to do some really cool things this month.  We were able to join with the rest of the community at Cedarcrest Church for a cookout and a chance to pray over the property that Cedarcrest is building their church on.  Emma, Clint, and I were pumped to be there since we know this is the next step for some incredible Kingdom ministry opportunities.  We also had a chance to attend several activities at North Cobb Christian School.  We believe in the ministry and vision of NCCS and can’t wait for Emma to be a student there.  She loves the Eagles!

Emma loves to play with our iPhones.  She also has a couple of old cellphones of her own to play with.  Since she sees us taking pictures with our phones, she pretends to take pictures with hers.  She also likes to use her Bible and anything else rectangular to take pictures including the all important clicking sound with her mouth as she snaps the “picture”.  We got to hang out with our good friends Jim, Kelly, James, and Jack one evening at the park.  The picture of the two of them is hilarious.  Neither look too thrilled because they had to stop playing to take the picture!

NCCS Fine Arts hosted the musical Beauty and the Beast in mid-March.  Thursday was opening night and they kicked things off with Breakfast with Belle.  Emma, Clint, and I had a chance to go and it was one of the best events we’ve ever been a part of at NCCS.  One of our sweet friends has a little girl that is just a few years older than Emma.  She always give us the most awesome hand-me-down outfits for Emma.  She gave us a beautiful Belle dress and slippers.  Emma looked like the little princess that she is!  She loved meeting the cast, hanging out with her other princess friends, and marching around in her “dress shoes”.

That same weekend, we also had a chance to hang out with our good friends Amanda and Dana.  We grabbed Moe’s for dinner and followed it up with Menchie’s.  Menchie’s is the new frozen yogurt place in town and our family loves it!  Emma and Dana are just a few months apart and love each other dearly.  It is such a blast to think of these sweet girls growing up together!  I am grateful that Dana is just a little bit more laid back that our adventurous Emma.  I think they are a good balance for each other!

We enjoyed a few birthday parties for friends.  The weather was beautiful all month and Emma loves to play outside.  She loves to swing high, slide fast, and run and jump.  She loves adventure and we are so grateful for all of her energy.  She is growing tall and strong and loves to be helpful.  She loves to take care of her dolls and her stuffed animals.  She looks forward to setting the table for dinner and always wants to make sure that everyone has what they need.  The last week of March, I was in Chicago for a mission trip and Clint and Emma had a wonderful time!  I am on Spring Break this week and we are making the most of every opportunity to spend time together and make memories.

God has blessed us with a sweet girl and it is our great privilege to watch her grow and become the godly young lady that the Lord created her to be.  It is such a joy to watch Emma treasure her Bible and sing about Zaccheaus at the top of her lungs.  She loves to sing Jesus Loves Me and is doing a great job saying the blessing at meals and praying before bed each night.  Last night we were at a restaurant with about 10 people and she said the blessing for the whole table.  We want her to value prayer as she continues to be an incredible answer to prayer for us!

Here are some shots from the month of March as we document our adventures with our sweet girl!

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