Book Review: Me, Myself, and I AM

I have had another opportunity to review a book for my blog.  I was sort of intrigued when I received the blog tour invite.  I got the book in the mail and it is definitely not like anything I’ve “read” before.  Me, Myself, and I AM is a great opportunity to journal your Christian walk.  I really liked the questions asked in the book and will look forward to rereading it every once in a while to see how my thoughts have changed on some things.  I would encourage Christians of all ages to check out this book and really dive in to get all that it has to offer!

Here is the official summary from the publisher:
A new experience of God comes one question at a time in this fun and provocative journal. Made up entirely of insightful, profound, and occasionally ridiculous questions, Me, Myself, and I AM invites you to open to any page, open yourself to God, and be the author of yourown story.

Questions range from spiritually intriguing—
You overhear God talking about you. What do hear him saying?

to thought-provoking—
You are on a long car trip with a close friend who is not a Christian and the conversation turns to faith. What is your biggest fear about what your friend will ask or say?

to challenging—
Do you believe that all of Jesus’s followers have a responsibility to tell others about him?

to just plain fun—
If your life before you became a Christian were a movie, its title would be:
Animal House
As Good as It Gets
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
It’s a Wonderful Life

Me, Myself, and I AM will entertain, inspire, and get you thinking about your spiritual life from brand new angles. Whether you use Me, Myself, and I AM as a reflective tool, a way to start conversations with friends and family, or as a spiritual time capsule to look back on years later, their own words will create a powerful journey of self-discovery.

Here are some links so you can pick up a copy for yourself:


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