Emma: November 2012

The month of November flew by so quickly that I just realized it is December 6th and I haven’t done the November post yet.  Lots of awesome memories with our sweet girl!  Every weekend had something and we really enjoyed celebrating Emma’s birthday and then we all took off for a cruise for Thanksgiving week.  The month started out fun with Emma’s sweet friend Dana spending the night one night..on a school night!  Emma and Dana were too funny…they are like two little old ladies!  The first weekend of November was the Fall Festival at NCCS and we had a great time hanging out with friends enjoying all the fun.  Emma is a daredevil and she was particularly drawn to the bungee trampoline thing.  The day after Fall Festival, we had some family pictures taken by our awesomely talented neighbor Corrie.

The second weekend in November was a blast as we celebrated Emma’s 4th birthday by having a ton of friends and family over to the house.  Emma particularly enjoyed having Aunt Katie, Uncle Deedle, and Mimi over for the whole weekend.  Uncle Deedle’s birthday is a few days after Emma’s and she enjoyed celebrating him too!  The day of Emma’s actual birthday was also the Thanksgiving feast for her class at school.  We had such a great time celebrating all day.  Emma’s favorite thing was bringing cupcakes for her friends…and she got to order hot lunch the next day.  Definitely a thrill!

We are so grateful that our school has a whole week off for Thanksgiving, so our family made the most of it.  We spent Friday night and Saturday at the beginning of the week celebrating Clint’s cousin’s wedding.  Bo and Lindsay’s wedding was awesome…everything was amazing and we love this sweet couple.  Emma thought that Lindsay was a princess and she can’t wait to wear a dress like Lindsay’s…let’s slow things down a bit!  We spent that Sunday afternoon in Summerville with Clint’s family catching up and celebrating Thanksgiving with them.  We had a lot of fun and the weather was beautiful!

We flew out early Monday morning for our cruise and enjoyed six days and five nights just the three of us on a cruise.  We laughed hard, ate tons of great food, enjoyed each other’s company, rested a lot, and just had a blast.  I’m so glad we chose to keep that time for ourselves!  When we got home, we decorated our house for Christmas.  It is so fun to see how much Emma is getting into Christmas this year.  She loves all of the decorations and Christmas music!

Emma loves being 4 years old and it really seems to agree with her.  It is so fun to see how much Emma’s personality has developed in the past several weeks.  She has the funniest sayings and really cracks herself up.  We are so grateful that Emma is such a fun kid that genuinely desires to help others and has a great time wherever she is.  Thank you Lord for our sweet girl!

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