I’m hanging out in Nashville this weekend. My mom and sister came up for a wedding and some shopping. I came into town last night and surprised them. We had fun catching up last night at the hotel. We spent a long time today shopping and even hit the local Starbuck’s. The headed out for the wedding a couple of hours ago and I have just been hanging out by myself. I went for a long walk around downtown Nashville. There is a ton going on tonight. Tonight is the first preseason game for the Titans. They are playing the Redskins and are winning 3-0 early in the second half. I’ve also been doing some reading and just relaxing. It is the first time I’ve been by myself in a while and it’s been a little different!

Tomorrow morning Mom and Katie are headed back to Memphis early. I am headed up to Mt. Juliet to hang out with some friends and will get back to Acworth late afternoon. Clint is in Summerville all weekend visiting folks and playing in a softball tournament. I can’t wait to see him tomorrow night! We’ve been married almost 4 years and I never get tired of seeing his handsome face!

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