Freedom Church: We Bare All Week 2

Lots of folks came back for Week 2 of We Bare All at Freedom Church.  J.R. talked this week about the fact that “I Don’t Like Most Christians”.  The text was Mark 3:1-6 and here were some notes I took.

1. Christians are really weird (testamints, bookstores, clothing, etc.)
2. Christians are judgemental
-We are good at finding faults, but not so good at distributing help
3.  Christians are hypocritical
-Our deeds don’t always match our creeds

-The Christian that I can’t stand the most is me.

-Jesus always calls to the front those that religion pushes to the back.

**Read all the way to the bottom…this point turned out awesome!

-Jesus can do whatever he wants to do

-Sometimes the people who seem the closest to Jesus are really the furthest away

-Sometimes truth gets trumped by preferences and traditions

-we are not waiting on God…He is waiting on us to be ready for what He has in store for us

-Christians are the only army in the world that shoots their wounded

-Do we judge or do we love? Do we help or do we hurt? Do we point a finger or do we lift a hand?

-We can accuse all we want to, but Jesus came to heal

-How often do we allow our ignorance get in the way of the truth?

We have a homeless guy that comes to our church.  He’s been there for several months now and everyone knows him.  Pretty cool guy.  Clint has talked to him a few times.  We have a guy in our church that usually brings him.  Yesterday he needed a ride, so the Acworth Police Department picked him up and dropped him off at Freedom Church.  How cool is that?  The PD brought him to church!

Anyway…all throughout J.R.’s message, he was making the point that Jesus always brings to the front those that religion and society push to the back.  As the message came to an end and the band started playing, our favorite homeless guy made his way to the front of the auditorium.  He slowly walked to the front and then he sat down on the front row.  How cool is that?  I know several folks saw him up there, but it was a great image of what Jesus wants to do in all of our lives.  He wants to rescue us, change us, and then put us on display for His glory!

Great morning at Freedom!  Can’t wait for Week 3 of We Bare All.  See you next week at Barber Middle School at 10:30.  Don’t come alone…bring a friend!

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