Warren Barfield: Worth Fighting For


We have been huge Warren Barfield fans since he opened for Third Day and TobyMac at the Fox Theater here in Atlanta back in May 2004. Clint and I had a chance to talk to him while TobyMac was setting up. Very down-to-earth guy excited about singing songs that talk about God’s story being played out in his life.

Barfield just released a new album called “Worth Fighting For”. Tons of great songs on this record. My favorite is “Love is Not a Fight”. What a testimony to what so many relationships are going through.

Warren Barfield
“Love is Not a Fight”

Love is not a place
To come and go as we please
It’s a house we enter in
And then commit to never leave

Lock the door behind you
Throw away the key
We’ll work it out together
Let it bring us to our knees

Love is a shelter in the raging storm
Love is peace in the middle of a war
If we try to leave, may God send His angels to guard the door
No, love is not a fight but it’s something worth fighting for

To some, love is a word
That they can fall into
But when they’re falling out
Keeping that word is hard to do

Love will come to save us
If we’ll only call
He will ask nothing of us
But demand we give our all

I will fight for you
Would you fight for me?
It’s worth fighting for

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  1. Megan,
    A funny story about Warren Barfield and myself. First let me say that I’m an army chaplain and love contemporary Christian music. While at a Christian conference, Warren Barfield came up to me and introduced himself to me though I had no idea who he was (Although I had listened to his music). Afterwards, when he left…several of my friends came up to me and told me who he was. I felt dumb. He was as down to earth as any regular person. Oh well…Now I know who he is and am more of a fan than before.

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