Starbucks and Mr. Potato Head

What does Starbucks have to do with Mr. Potato Head?  Not a thing in the world, although Mr. Potato Head very well might enjoy an occasional mocha for all I know.

Yesterday was the beginning of Lent.  Lent is a period of 40 weekdays between Ash Wednesday and Holy Saturday.  It is a time set aside to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us.  Traditionally people might choose to give something up during this time.  The thought is that when you crave that item or activity, instead you will use the time to pray and meditate on Christ’s work of salvation for us on the cross.

This year I have chosen to give up Starbucks and potatoes.  Why?  I am a big fan of both of these items.  I like to swing through Starbucks on the way to school or in the afternoon with a friend.  It is relaxing and something I look forward to.  Potatoes aren’t really something I drive through to get or make plans to hang out with someone over, but they are also somewhat of a comfort food.  I have decided that for Lent, I will not go to Starbucks or have potatoes.  Instead, the focus of my comfort and my times of relaxation will return to Christ, where it should be.

I always look forward to this season of reflection on the journey to Easter.

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  1. Good luck with that. If I were you I would be praying an awful lot during Lent if I gave up those 2 things. Not Starbucks as much anymore though…

    May your abstinence be sustenance for you!

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