Boston: 10 Year Anniversary Trip

To celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary, Clint and I headed to Boston for Labor Day weekend.  We had a great time on our 3 day date!  Clint and I flew out early Saturday morning and returned Monday evening.  We are so grateful to Clint’s mom for coming down to stay with Emma so we could get away.

Once we dropped our stuff at the hotel, we headed out to catch the train up to Harvard.  Thanks to the recommendation of friends, we had a really great lunch at Darwin’s Ltd in Harvard Square.  It was a great day to be at Harvard Square because all the students were moving in for the new semester that started the day after Labor Day.  We walked around Harvard for a while and then took the train 2 stops back towards town and then got off to walk around MIT.  While we were at MIT, we walked out towards the Charles River.  It was a beautiful day to walk around together checking out Boston.

We went back to the hotel to drop off some things and then we walked over to the Boston Public Library.  I’d always heard you should at least go in there and check it out.  What a cool library!  We also bought matching Red Sox shirts from a vendor on the square near the library.  From there we took the train up to Kenmore and walked out into a huge crowd of Red Sox fans.  Going to a Red Sox game at Fenway was a bucket list item for both of us and we were so excited to be there!  Last year we went to Wrigley Field and this year…Fenway.  We arrived at the park about 90 minutes before game time and had a blast exploring the stadium.  Our seats were behind homeplate and the view was amazing!

Saturday night was a late night after waking at 4am that morning to catch our flight…but it was worth every second of it!  We got up Sunday morning and headed over to Faneuil Hall to see all the food and shopping that we’d heard so much about.  Quincy Market has a ton of different food options…we enjoyed walking around and checking everything out!  After lunch, we bought tickets for a City View Trolley ride around town that started with a cruise of the Boston Harbor.  The end of the Harbor cruise dropped us at the USS Constitution before we boarded the Trolley.  Our trolley tour guide was really interesting…we actually ended up staying on for almost two full tours!

Once we got off the trolley, we walked down to take a quick picture at Cheers before walking through Boston Common to catch the trolley back to the Long Wharf for dinner at Legal Sea Foods.  Dinner was really good!  Clint decided to brave the lobster…that was fun to watch!  My dinner was excellent…just not as much work as Clint’s.

As we went around the city, we saw lots of folks with boxes from Mike’s Pastry.  Clint decided we should find this place and check it out.  When we walked up, there was a huge line out the door…definitely a good sign!  Clint ended up getting a chocolate chip cannoli and I got some ice cream.  We spent the next hour wandering the city before heading back to the hotel.

Monday morning we checked out the hotel and headed out to find some breakfast.  Clint found one place and we walked to it, but it was closed for Labor Day.  In the end…it worked out great because we stumbled upon the South End Buttery.  Amazing breakfast sandwiches and a really cool place!  From there we walked around for the next couple of hours.  We walked through the Prudential Center and took pictures of some cool buildings and neighborhoods.

We were walking down Broylston and spotted Marathon Sports.  Just as we were getting ready to go in and look around, Clint pointed out the Boston Marathon finish line.  It was really an interesting feeling to be standing right where the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy had taken place just 4 1/2 months prior.  The city of Boston is still committed to their theme of Boston Strong.

We picked up our luggage from the hotel and headed back towards the airport.  After we checked in and ate lunch, we realized we might be able to make the Atlanta flight right before ours and we were able to depart a little early.  We arrived in Atlanta 2 hours ahead of schedule and met Emma and Clint’s mom to surprise Emma for dinner.

Clint and I had an amazing time together.  The past 10 years have flown by…I have treasured every moment with my awesome husband.  I can’t wait to start planning our next adventure together!  We love travelling with our sweet Emma…but we are also committed to spending time just the two of us as well.

Happy Anniversary Babe!  Here’s to 100 more!

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