Emma: December 2013

December is a crazy busy time full of fun, food, family…and fortunately lots of naps and rest too!  We had a great December and a wonderful Christmas with all of our family and several friends.  December provided lots of intentional moments to be able to tell Emma the real reason that we celebrate Christmas.

I have the privilege of co-leading a 9th grade girls small group at school.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know these girls better.  What a privilege it is to pray for them and to hear how God is working in their lives!  We met early in December and put together a plan to go and be a blessing at the assisted living center down the street from our school.  Emma went with me to WalMart to pick up several items so we could make Christmas cups full of goodies for the residents.  Emma was so excited and even put all the cups together and got things organized.  The next morning, I surprised Emma and checked her out of school for an hour so she could go with us.  What a blast it was to see her serving others alongside our high school girls!  Emma keeps asking me when we can go again.  Our heart’s desire is for our girl to love serving others in the name of Christ.

December was full of fun activities like Emma’s first piano recital, her K4 Christmas program, Emma’s class Christmas party, our faculty/staff Christmas party, the Nutcracker, a trip to Memphis, stopping in Corinth to visit dear friends…where Emma got in an Eno for the first time, lots of restaurants and fun places to visit, quality time with family and friends, and tons of rest!  We rung in the New Year with great friends at our house that we have been privileged to journey through life with the past several years. We believe God has amazing things in store for 2014.  Here are some pictures from a great December!

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