Emma: April 2014

Doing some catch up here as it is May 17th already.  We had a really awesome April in our family as we finally got to meet our son Eli after 3 1/2 years of praying and working through the adoption process.  Lots more about that in another blog post!

The first week of April was Emma’s Spring Break.  Since Clint and I headed to Ethiopia that week to meet Eli, Emma got to go to Memphis to hang out with Aunt Katie, Uncle Deedle, Nora, and Mimi…she was so excited and had such a wonderful time!  They visited the zoo, the Children’s Museum, had pedicures, went out to eat at a lot of fun places…and otherwise just had a blast together.  This was such a blessing to Clint and me since we were away and knew that Emma was so well cared for!  At the end of the week, Uncle Deedle drove Emma back to Georgia…such a huge blessing to us after our long flights home!

Once Clint and I got home, we settled back into a somewhat regular routine while we waited to be able to go back to Ethiopia to bring Eli home.  Emma has really enjoyed playing soccer this spring on Saturday mornings.  One Saturday after soccer we headed down to check out the Big Shanty Festival and really had a great time together..it was a beautiful day!  The next day Uncle Kevin came to visit us and we had a great lunch together catching up with him before he moved out to Arizona.

Emma’s class had their Easter party which was a lot of fun and then we were out of school for Good Friday.  Emma and I had our second annual “Coin Jar Girl’s Day Out”.  We cashed in all of our coins that we have saved this past year and headed out to spend the day together.  We ate lunch at Moe’s…Emma’s request…and then went to Build-A-Bear to get a new bear for Emma and she made one for Eli as well!  I love these special times with my girl!

Easter Sunday was a special day and we had a great morning at church.  It was such a beautiful day that we extended the celebration to the lake as we took our boat out for the first time this season.  We closed out the month of April with a really nice baby shower thrown for us by our NCCS family.  They showered us with tons of awesome gifts and Emma was so excited to be a part of it all!

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