Recap: Town Hall for Hope

We were pumped to be able to host Dave Ramsey’s Town Hall for Hope at N Cobb Christian last week.  Even with some interesting situations caused by the weather (hail, high winds, torrential downpours, and tornado warnings), we still had over 40 people come to check it out.  I can honestly say I’m glad with did this.  All of us that gathered for this event definitely left with the hope we were wanting to find.  I appreciate Dave and his bold way of using God’s truths to teach people successful financial principles.  Here are some takeaways from the night.

-“serve” customers not milk them like a cow

– when we serve them well they give you profit

– profit is the applause from our customers

– love people enough to allow them to fail

– failure when chasing you will run you into excellence

– commision based and need more base salary? – your raise is effective when you are. No increase in base salary just need to increase your productivity.

– #1 quality in succesful people is perseverance

-We need to get back to personal responsibility.  You shot it Tarzan, you eat it!  Take responsiblity for your mess!

-We need to love people enough to let them fail.

– economy not like cake – I take a big piece = you get smaller piece. It is like candles – I light one and you get light but didn’t cost anyone else anything

– work like it all depends on us(you) but pray like it all depends on God
-For some Christians…prayer is code for “I don’t want to face reality.”  You can pray while you are working!
– now is best time to buy housing ONLY if you have $$

– Need 3-6 months emergency fund AND some extra in bank

– Need to think in the future not present. Get a degree wherever possible.

– Learn about investment from someone who has a teacher mentality

– Is $ safe in the bank? Do business with small banks and local credit unions.

– what do we do with our savings. Inflation is coming if congress doesn’t get under control. $ will become less valuable if govt keeps throwing it into economy

– invest in things that will go up in value (real estate, mutual funds – pay for it)

– gold? Don’t invest in it. From 1833 to 2001 avg 1.5% per year. From 2001 to now avg is 15%. Its very volatle and is currently at a 170 year high. Gold doesn’t become valuable in a wiped out economy, Bartering does. Look at New Orleans after Katrina. Nobody had a bag of gold, but you could trade water or gas for anything.

-Gold is the “Snuggie” of investments.  You buy it off the tv late at night and it makes you look stupid for buying it!

– Jobs are the symptom of a bad economy not the cause. Job creation doesn’t (by itself) fix the economy. What fixes the economy is the consumer buying goods and services again which in turn drives the mfr/provider to hire more workers

-The leader of the organization has got to be the one that is serving the most.

-We the people, could GIVE the government out of business.

– 3 perceptions to look at re: Hope

– TAKE ACTION! get up and do something. Even if it doesn’t make sense, the activity makes you feel better and inspires hope

– DON’T PARTICIPATE IN LOSER TALK. Stay positive and be around wining people. (Your income will be within 10% of your 10 closest friends – quote). Always be around wining people.

– LEARN TO GIVE AGAIN. We need to share/give more (not necessarily $ but our time/talent). This inspires us as we see/help those who maybe have less than us. The more we give the more hope we receive.
Only one can provide the Hope we need – Jesus Christ!

-Hope doesn’t come from Washington…it comes from the nail-scarred hands of Jesus.

(Thanks Sean for sharing some of these with me.  This is a combination of his notes and my tweets throughout the night.)

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