Emma and Eli: February 2015

Happy Super Cold February!  Wow…it was really cold around here for a few weeks…somewhere around 20 degrees.  I would never make it in the NorthEast! Thankfully we finally got some snow at the end of the month to make all the freezing days worth it!
As a result of the cold, we spent a lot of time inside in February.  The Strange crew is definitely built for warm weather and outdoor activities…so we can’t wait for Spring to get here!
Eli continues to grow and be so much fun for us.  He is all boy and always into something!  He loves to help and always thinks that he can do everything that Emma, Mommy, and Daddy can do.  Eli is talking a lot these days and is hilarious to hang out with!  The highlight of February for Eli was definitely the removal of his tonsils and adenoids on February 9.  He has had a constant runny nose the past several months and the ENT said that removing those should do the trick.  He was right!  The surgery was on Monday and by Wednesday, Eli was a brand new little guy.  He has always been a big smiler, but he seems even happier than normal now that he can breath much better!  Thank you to our family and friends for praying for our little guy and his surgery.
Emma continues to be a busy girl with all of her kindergarten activities.  She and Clint headed to the annual Daddy/Daughter Valentine Date Night at school where  they hung out with her friends and their parents.  This has become such a fun tradition for these two!  This year Eli and I decided to stay in since it was so cold and we enjoyed a very special dinner of chicken nuggets and mac&cheese for our Mommy/Son date.  Emma and I made a quick trip to Memphis for our Winter Break weekend to hang out with the Graffam crew and help with the babies.  We ended up coming home a day earlier to avoid an impending Winter Weather storm.  I’m glad we did…they were iced in for days after we left!  While we were there, JD took Emma and Nora out to dinner for Valentines.  Katie and I took the twin boys out to dinner and they were so sweet to sleep through the whole thing…it was so fun to catch up with my sister!
We spent many evenings in February playing basketball in Eli’s room before bed and helping Emma with her Shopkins…that’s her newest interest and collection these days.  Eli’s newest interest is waiting until she has all the Shopkins lined up…and then knocking them over.  She screams, he giggles…so hilarious to watch this unfold over and over.  Then…Emma gives him a big hug and he gets ready to do it all over again!
Once the snow finally came, we were so excited!  We had a Tuesday morning late start at school for a little bit of snow and ice…but then Wednesday and Thursday school was out for a big snow.  Lots of fun for the whole crew…especially for Eli with his first snow!  We pulled out the sled, made a snowman, and threw lots of snowballs!
Our basketball team at school wrapped up their season with a great showing in the state tournament.  Emma was there and decked out in her NCCS cheer outfit.  We love to cheer on our Eagles!
February is a short month, but we packed lots of fun into everyday. Here are some pictures from our February fun…

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