Emma and Eli: May 2015

Wow!  May is always busy due to the end of the school year, but I think we packed in even more this year!  We had so much fun with lots of celebrations and special activities together.  Clint and Emma used her free ticket to Six Flags all day one Saturday while Eli and I spent the day together.  We all had so much fun making special memories together and then telling each other about our days!  Emma had field day at school.  She sang the National Anthem when she was in K4.  They invited her to do it again this year, but we agreed that we should let someone else do it.  On the day of field day, I walked up to the field just in time to hear Emma finish singing.  The other person wasn’t able to make it and they grabbed Emma at the last minute to do it.  They said she stepped right up and said she’d be happy to help!  We are so proud of our girl!  Field day was lots of fun with all of Emma’s classmates.  She had so much fun that she went to bed at 6:30 that night and slept all night!
Emma’s class had a really nice Mother’s Day tea and Emma gave me some gifts she made me.  Our family enjoyed spending the weekend together and especially enjoyed the photo booth at church that they rent for Mother’s Day.  Clint, Emma, and Eli made some really precious photo gifts for me that I will always treasure!  Emma’s class had their spring program and then she had cheer camp later that week.  Our pool opened and our family considers that the official start of summer!  Emma jumped in and swam like a fish…as if she had never left the pool for the winter.  Eli remembered how much he enjoys swimming and wants to go everyday when we drive by the pool!  Emma had her piano recital and continues to get a lot better on the piano.
Eli has really started talking a lot more…even putting together really good sentences.  He has the funniest sense of humor and is getting to be quite the helpful little guy.  He has grown much taller in the last couple of months and we are hoping to knock out potty training pretty easily this summer.
Emma’s class had their Kindergarten Graduation the last week of school and it was really sweet.  The kids had a lot of fun and we really enjoyed getting to see everyone’s families all together in the gym.  Emma “worked from home” the first week that school was out and enjoyed some extra Daddy time.  Clint took her to the Y to try out the rock wall and she loved it!  She is always asking to go back and try it again!
On Memorial Day weekend we climbed Kennesaw Mountain for the first time and had a great time with that.  We will definitely go back!  The last weekend in May, I went to a friend’s wedding and Clint and the kids stayed back to hang out here.  Clint took them to the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coke, to ride the elevator to the top of the Westin Peachtree, and for dinner at The Varsity. Not too shabby for a day that they were going to hang out at home!  Priceless memories for sure!
We are packing for the beach now that I am officially finished with school for a few weeks.  We are so excited to make a lot of fun memories this summer with the Strange party of 4!
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