Happy Father’s Day Clint!



Our family loves Clint Strange SO MUCH!  He is the world’s best husband and the most awesome Daddy to our sweet Emma and Eli.  This picture was from our family vacation this past week to Hilton Head.  The four of us had a blast exploring the island and just spending time together.  On this particular evening, I talked everyone into riding bikes over to look at the Atlantic Ocean side of the ocean.  If you know my handsome husband, just the thought of the humidity makes him sweat.  But…in true Clint style, he started grabbing helmets and bikes ready for the adventure.  I love this picture because it shows the four of us just having fun and being together with no where else in the world to be…and no one else we’d rather be with!

I grew up without a Dad in my life and really had no idea what Dads were really all about until the first time I saw Clint holding Emma…and then the first time I saw him holding Eli.  Clint is such a gift to our family in the way that he leads and loves us so well.  He serves us even when he is exhausted and always makes it seem like it’s his great delight.  Our family hit the jackpot when God chose Clint to be my husband and to be Emma and Eli’s Daddy.  Happy Father’s Day Clint Strange…you are a HUGE blessing to your family and we love you SO MUCH!


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