June 23, 1994

Yesterday marked exactly 15 years since I asked Jesus to come in and be the Lord and Savior of my life.  It is hard to believe, but that means I have been a Christian now for almost exactly half my life!  What a great opportunity to reflect on the abundant life God has given me these past 15 years.

Each year on June 23 I write a thank you note to the folks who led me to Christ.  I had a really godly youth pastor and Sunday School teacher that was truly a woman of God.  Both of them loved Jesus in a way that made me want to know Him.  Here is the note I wrote them yesterday…

I know it is nearing the end of the night, but I just couldn’t let this day go by without saying thank you.  15 years ago tonight, y’all led me to the Lord and I will be eternally grateful for the investment that the two of you have made in my life.  I didn’t fully comprehend as a 15 year old just what  it meant to cross over from death to life, but over the past 15 years, God has placed a burden on my heart to share Christ with students and adults every chance I get.  It has been a huge blessing to me to always be able to talk about my youth pastor and my Sunday School teacher who lived out I Corinthians 11:1 in front of me.

I am very thankful that God placed you both in my path.  Even though miles may separate us, I know that God will always keep us connected because of the investment you made in my life and the ministry we had the opportunity to participate in together over the years.  The two of you taught me to run hard after Christ and never take my eyes off of Him.  You encouraged me to look to the left and right and see who was running alongside and ahead of me and to pursue those people.  Over the past 6 years, Clint and I have run the race together and grown as we have challenged each other in our walk.  We talk all the time about how exciting it will be when Emma prays to receive Christ one day.  We pray for that day and know that God is already preparing her and us for that.

Thank you for living Christ in front of me through your words and your actions in such a way that compelled me to want to know Him and follow Him forever.

I write this letter each year because it is a reminder to me of the calling that God has placed on my life to share the gospel with everyone I come in contact with (Matthew 28:19-20).  May I never lose sight of that calling and run hard after Christ in all things!

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  1. Megan,
    Your words brought tears to my eyes. How awesome is he!!!! I pray that you continue to grow in him & continue to be a shining light to all that you come into contact with.

    Yours In Christ,

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