Emma and Eli: March 2016


March is a great month for our crew because the temperatures start to rise and we can see things headed towards spring.  The Strange family loves to be outside!  As you will see from the pictures at the end of this post, we made the most of the days that were beautiful in March.
Clint took Emma and Eli to the opening day at Six Flags while I spent part of the day working on final details for my mission trip to Haiti.  That night, Clint and I had a great time at the NCCS Auction and Dinner celebrating our school and enjoying so many fun friends!  We don’t get dressed up to go out all that often, but when we do, we always have a great time!  The kids had a blast at the YMCA Parent Nite out.  We love that program and try to use it each month when it’s offered.  $5 total for entertaining our two kiddos for 4 hours on a Saturday evening.  The best part…they look forward to it just as much as we do!
We enjoyed lots of meals with friends in March.  Our favorite place to eat is outside on a patio…okay, maybe just my favorite place and my family is kindly agreeable!  We celebrated birthdays with friends and celebrated Easter!  Easter is my favorite holiday as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ…the reason for the hope that we have in the gospel.  This year was a year that I was out of town for our NCCS Spring Term, but Clint did a great job making sure it was a great day for Emma and Eli.  I was in Haiti for Easter and it was such a privilege to worship in another language as we celebrated the same Savior!
Emma’s class hosted chapel at school and she helped lead the pledges.  She really enjoyed that and I’m so grateful for our school that gives kids so many opportunities to grow in their ability to lead!  We also all joined together for all school worship at the end of our Spiritual Emphasis Week.  It’s not lost on me what a privilege it is to be able to worship freely.  That is even sweeter when I can look over and see Emma standing with her first grade class and worshipping right along side all of my high schoolers!
Eli continues to grow and change so much.  Right now his big focus is on spelling things and counting things.  He absolutely loves the Star Wars alphabet book that the Bitners gave him for his birthday.  I asked Eli to spell his name the other day and he spelled it like this “E, L-as in Luke Skywalker, I” and then dissolved into giggles.  I love it!
Our family enjoyed getting to do so many fun things in March.  Clint and I were talking last weekend about doing everything we can to make sure that we make the most of the days when we are all four together.  We are making a concerted effort to close the computers, put up the phones, and just enjoy each others company.  This year has given us renewed focus on that goal as we have walked through some difficult days with our school family.  We are grateful for the reminder to not miss a moment!  God is good and we are so thankful for these precious moments as a family!

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