Trip to the Lake

Clint, Emma, and I loaded up early Friday morning to head over to Pickwick Lake to meet up with my family for the weekend.  Because my brother is in the ARMY, his leave time is usually last minute and pretty short.  That means we try to all get together and do something fun whenever possible.  It was a blast because all of us were there and this was Emma’s first time to go to the lake.  She has been quite the adventurer this summer with the girl’s trip to Birmingham and last week’s trip to the beach.  Just like the other trips, she has been a great little traveler.  The best news for us…she loves the lake!  She had a great time on the boat and wasn’t afraid of the water.  Both Clint and I love water and watersports so we are glad that the beach and lake have both been winners for our little girl.  Here are a few pictures from a fun weekend.  Hope we can do it again soon!

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