Emma and Eli: April 2016

April means Spring Break in the Strange house!  I got home from my mission trip to Haiti on April 2 and it was so great to have Clint, Emma, and Eli pick me up at the airport…always the best part of coming home!  The day after I got back, Emma and I went out to eat with some of the ladies from school and their kids.  Lots of fun catching up!  After church that Sunday we did some errands and hung out with friends.  Emma and I went out to lunch that Monday and Emma paid!  She was so pleased with herself…I love her generous heart!
Emma and I headed to Memphis for a few days over Spring Break to spend time with my mom, my sister, and her sweet family.  My niece Nora is just a few months younger than Nora and we always love to see what she is up to!  Katie and JD’s twin boys are 18 months old and growing up way too fast!  We had lots of fun with the kids and enjoyed a girls day with Aunt Katie at the Memphis Zoo, shopping, and the nail place.  Always a treat!  Emma loved helping with the cousins..especially when she and Nora were riding in Nora’s little jeep all around the neighborhood!  We also had a special treat when Coach Winnette took us on a behind the scenes tour at Gibson’s Donuts…a Memphis landmark.  Super cool!  We ate way too many donuts that day!  Emma and I also got in some bike riding and special girl time on our trip.
When we got home, we spent the rest of Spring Break at NCCS baseball games and hanging out with friends. Our neighborhood hosted a garage sale on Saturday morning and we made some good money just putting junk out in the driveway.  Eli was particularly mesmerized by this idea and he was a huge help!  Emma didn’t even wake up until it was almost over.  She is definitely starting to master the sleep late on Saturday thing!  After church one Sunday we hiked Kennesaw Mountain with the Bitners.  We meant to go up and eat lunch at the top.  Instead we took a wrong trail and circled both Little and Big Kennesaw Mountain…the ultimate long way…before we made it to the top.  6+ miles altogether…but I’m sure that number will grow in the years ahead!  Always fun to adventure with the Bitners…almost 14 years into our friendship and I’m so grateful for time together with them!
Clint and I took the kids to the Georgia Tech Spring Football game.  The UGA one was the weekend before and they had almost one hundred thousand people.  At Tech, we had plenty of room to spread out and marched right down to sit on the front row

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