February 2 ALUMNI ROAD TRIP | Today our @NCCSEagles Alumni Roadtrip took us from NCCS > Birmingham > Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide!) > Auburn > NCCS What a day! What a joy to catch up with our awesome Eagles to hear how college and life is going for them. I’m soContinue Reading

January 3 GRIDDLE | If the principal thing doesn’t work out…I might become a short order cook. Hibachi for the family for dinner and grilled chicken and salmon for my lunches this week. I really want to get better about cooking this year…the griddle even makes it fun! @blackstoneproducts JanuaryContinue Reading

December 1 TENNIS | Today brought the @NCCSEagles Middle School Tennis season to a close. Our awesome middle school girls team advanced to the finals of the Metro 10 playoffs for the first time in several years. They finished runner-up to a very good team. All of the girls improvedContinue Reading

I’m writing this around 8pm on New Year’s Eve. As we prepare to bid 2020 farewell, many are wishing away the heartache and sorrow of the past year. There have been so many HARD things this past year. We have seen dear friends lose loved ones. We have had severalContinue Reading

The Post-Quarantine Church: Six Urgent Challenges and Opportunities That Will Determine the Future of Your Congregation by Dr. Thom Rainer is written specifically to the church, but the perspective is so helpful for all of us that belong to the body of Christ. As a Christian school leader, I seeContinue Reading