Jon Acuff is someone I’ve followed for a while. I admire his tenacity to just keep writing and speaking even when he hits different roadblocks. He’s a super funny guy and most of his humor is directed at things he has thought or done. Acuff is really gifted at puttingContinue Reading

“If you saw yourself as lovely, that would limit how loved you could feel. But love by its very nature is not dependent on the loveliness of the beloved. If you felt yourself to be lovely, you could feel loved to a degree, but you could not be astonished withContinue Reading

Super interesting read by @sarahhuckabeesanders. I always love reading stuff about the President and behind the scenes of history. This was a unique read because it was written from the perspective of a woman of faith, a wife, and a mom. She had to make some tough choices to stand herContinue Reading