Emma and Eli: October 2016


October started with the end of Fall Break as Emma and I made our way back to Georgia from Memphis while Clint and Eli spent the day in Summerville visiting with Clint’s family.  As Emma and I drove through Tennessee and North Georgia, we could see that Fall was finally starting to come…mostly through the colors of the leaves since the weather was still close to 90 degrees!  It’s always such a treasure for Clint and me to see Emma and Eli happy to see each other after a few days apart.  Emma and I had been home for a few hours before Clint and Eli got back into town.  When Eli came in the house, he ran and jumped into Emma’s arms so happy that they were finally reunited!  We spent some great family time that Sunday riding the Silver Comet trail after church before checking out the Frozen Cow Ice Cream shop in downtown Kennesaw.  Most of that week was spent wrapping up Emma’s cross country season, cheering on the NCCS volleyball team, and getting ready for the 5th annual Tim Crunk 5K/1 Mile Fun Run.
Both kids participated in the Tim Crunk Race this year and had lots of fun!  It is always a blessing to be a part of this race to remember our awesome fried Tim and to continue raising funds to help his vision of educating all of the children in Haiti.  The following week, Eli’s class got to help say the pledges in chapel.  Let’s just say that Eli put a new spin on how they do pledges in chapel

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