Emma and Eli: October 2017



Welcome to fall!  The weather finally started to get a little cooler..it is Georgia after all, so we didn’t expect it to stay cooler!  Everyone has to take their fall pumpkin patch pictures in flannels while it’s 80 degrees..just part of the southern charm I guess!
We really enjoyed cheering on our NCCS Eagles Football team all season.  We love cheering for our Boys of Fall!  The beginning of October also brought a fun celebration with our Upper School staff.  Our team hit a goal and totally blew it out of the water…so we celebrated!  We rented out Henry’s Uptown in downtown Acworth and had our whole team and spouses for dinner and a time of fellowship.  It was a really special evening!
Clint continues to teach Financial Peace University at church on Wednesday evenings, so Emma and I continue with our girls night tradition while our dudes go to McDonald’s (Eli’s choice every week) and then to church.  One evening, Emma and I decided to try our luck at a DIY Fire Pit and it worked great!  We surprised the guys when they got home from church and our family enjoyed s’mores late on a school night.  We were inspired by the Lower School S’More the Merrier at school…and besides, fire is fun!  And it brings great conversation and a slower pace…both of which is needed in our crazy busy schedule.
Emma finished up her cross country season with a great race at Lake Acworth and then our whole family participated in the 6th Annual Tim Crunk 5K at Cedarcrest to raise money for education in Haiti.  That weekend was also Homecoming at NCCS and we had a great time winning the game and then dancing the night away for our 2nd on campus Homecoming Dance.  This year’s theme was the 80’s and the chaperones and I had fun going out to dinner beforehand in our 80’s inspired outfits.  We got a few looks!  That weekend was also my birthday and the best gift was rest and fun with my crew!  We also had a special cookout at church to welcome our new pastor and his family.  It was an action-packed weekend for sure!  That Monday was our school golf tournament.  Clint had fun playing in that again and I had lots of fun catching up with people over the course of the day.
We tried a new pumpkin patch this year…Berry Patch Farms in Woodstock…at the recommendation of a friend.  It was great and TONS closer than any others we have visited before.  We also had a fun new experience with our family pictures.  One of our seniors at school has started a photography business.  Her stuff is really good!  I love to support new ventures, so we asked her to do our family pictures for our Christmas cards.  Check her out on Instagram.
The last Wednesday in October, I flew to Houston for the day with one of our seniors, our lower school principal, and our Head of School to visit a school that we adopted during Hurricane Harvey.  We had the privilege of delivering some special surprises to them while touring their school and meeting some really awesome people.  It was a whirlwind day flying down and back, but a memory that will last a lifetime for sure!
We had a great time carving pumpkins for Halloween and the kids enjoyed handing out candy again. We put our DIY Firepit in the driveway and enjoyed talking with our neighbors on a beautiful evening.  We aren’t much into the scary parts of Halloween, but there is no better opportunity to build relationships with your neighbors than when they come over for free candy…or are handing it out themselves.  We had a great evening hanging outside!
Also…Emma and Eli’s school pictures came in and they look WAY too old!  So grateful for a wonderful October!  So excited about heading into the holidays and celebrating two special birthdays!
IMG_8411 IMG_8409 IMG_8407 IMG_8311 IMG_8305 IMG_8240 IMG_8210 IMG_8148 IMG_8119 IMG_8109 IMG_8094 IMG_8074 IMG_8069 IMG_3244 IMG_3091 IMG_3018 IMG_2901 IMG_1628 IMG_1559 IMG_1465 IMG_1396 IMG_1354 IMG_1301 IMG_1252 IMG_0028 IMG_0017 IMG_0011 Emma - NCCS 3rd Grade Picture - October 2017 Eli - NCCS K4 - School Picture - October 2017

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