Book Review: Training Camp


I love reading about leadership.  More importantly, I love reading about leadership as stewardship recognizing that it is a gift from God that is intended to be used to serve others and help them find their ultimate joy in the Lord.  I’ve not read anything of Jon Gordon’s before, but I look forward to reading more!  Training Camp is a great read for anyone who has a heart in mentoring, coaching, and investing in others to help them see that God has amazing plans for their lives.  The book clearly outlines easily teachable qualities that Gordon calls “11 Traits of the Best of the Best.”

  1. The Best know what they truly want.
  2. The Best want it more.
  3. The Best are always striving to get better.
  4. The Best do ordinary things better than everyone else.
  5. The Best zoom-focus.
  6. The Best are mentally stronger.
  7. The Best overcome their fear.
  8. The Best seize the moment.
  9. The Best tap into a greater power than themselves.
  10. The Best leave a legacy.
  11. The Best make everyone around them better.

This book is a quick read…I read it easily in about an hour and a half.  It’s a great setup because Gordon uses a fable about a football player who is hoping to make a NFL team.  It’s a story that any of us can identify with because the character has to overcome a variety of obstacles…but none more important than the idea of leading himself and considering where he is placing his faith.

One great thing about this book is that it would be an easy gift to a non-Christian under the leadership umbrella that would help introduce them to the gospel.  It’s a great read and one that I will look to integrate in some other settings.

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