Emma and Eli: September 2018

Strange September was a great one!  We started off the month with a HUGE home football win for our North Cobb Christian Eagles over The Walker School.  That was our first win over another Cobb County school and proved to be the beginning of something really special this season!  After a fun Friday night cheering on our football team, we had the privilege of heading to SunTrust Park on Saturday evening to cheer on the Atlanta Braves.  We had a great time as the guests of our financial planner and were super pumped to have several of our other friends there to enjoy what was pretty close to a perfect late summer evening cheering on the home team.
Soccer officially got underway in September for our kids as well.  Emma is playing U10 this season and Eli is playing U6.  Both kids are playing with the YMCA as we continue striving to spread our net in building relationships with people outside of our normal circles of North Cobb Christian School and Cedarcrest Church.  Emma and Eli have made some great friends on their teams and it has been a lot of fun watching them learn that they really enjoy soccer.  Emma was asked to be a keeper on her team and that has gone really well.  Eli has some fast footwork and he has scored multiple goals each week.  In the end, they are having fun, getting some exercise, and making new friends…a HUGE win for us.
We had the privilege of getting to see most of Clint’s family as we celebrated sweet cousin Sarah’s birthday.  They had a circus theme and our kids LOVED the jumpies, the cotton candy, all kinds of snacks…and most of all, time with family!  Clint’s family came down the following Friday as NCCS took on Trion HS (Clint’s alma mater)…and continued our undefeated streak.  Emma and Eli’s Cross Country season also continued along and they had their first meet of the season at home on September 19th.  They invited parents to run along, but since the temperature was in the mid-90’s, Clint and I thought it best to wait at the finish line with cold water bottles for the kids ?.   The next day Clint ended up with last minute Braves tickets and he and the kids took our neighbor who hadn’t been to a Braves game in over 25 years.  What a fun evening…and on a school night!
Our family tradition of attending at least one Georgia Tech game each year continued as we cheered on the Yellow Jackets against Clemson.  I think we will all remember what a treat it was to see Clemson’s freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence (from Cartersville HS) in action in person.  He is the real deal for sure!  We always have a great time at Tech reminiscing about Clint’s days there as a student.
The Georgia Tech game officially kicked off Fall Break for our family.  I had meetings at school on Monday and Tuesday and we left Tuesday afternoon pointed towards the beach.  We love going to Destin and have found that the late part of September is a GREAT time for our family to be there.  The temperature is a little milder, the traffic isn’t as crazy, and we can truly just relax and do whatever…whenever.  We visited some of our favorite spots…Dewey Destin’s, The Back Porch, The Track, and Fudpucker’s.  We also went to Moe’s one evening and then strolled around the mall.  We had a great time sitting on the beach, swimming in the pool, and back and forth between the two.  Our family took a LONG walk one afternoon to check out a cool beach house we had seen and pretended that it belonged to Emma and she would always invite us to come and visit her!  It’s on trips like this when we can really step away from the day to day responsibilities that we see how much Emma and Eli are really growing up.  I hope that the two of them will always be close and enjoy hanging out together!
We closed out Fall Break by coming home from the beach on Saturday to have some time before school started back on Monday.  Clint and Eli went to Eli’s first ever Falcons game on Sunday afternoon with tickets that we had gotten Clint for Father’s Day.  They had a BLAST! I don’t think that Eli stopped smiling once…and Clint didn’t either!  Especially once Eli found a pair of Julio Jones socks to add to his long sock collection! Since our guys were headed out for the afternoon, I wanted to be sure to do something special with Emma, so we spent the day at the North Georgia State Fair.  The corn dogs, funnel cakes, and rides were definitely a great choice to wrap up Fall Break and a great month of September!

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