Book Review: Radical Business

I was having lunch with a dear friend last week and she was so excited about heading to the Lifesong Conference. She was telling me about how her family was connected with Lifesong and I shared with her that Lifesong had actually gifted us a grant when we adopted our son. She was telling me that she and her husband had recently read Radical Business by Gary Ringger, the president of Lifesong for Orphans. The book has really been helpful for them in making some decisions about stewardship and how they are spending their resources. She assured me that Clint and I would probably enjoy it as well. And she was right!

This book is a quick read, but packed full of godly business principles and strategies for making wise stewardship decisions with your finances. And…it’s not super complicated…easy to follow and implement.

I highlighted a few things while reading and have posted those notes below:

1.Is your work or business enhancing or detracting from your role as a godly spouse or parent?

2.Does your work or business draw your children toward God?

3.If God were to call you home now, would you regret how you prioritized your family and friends?

4.How can you change your work-life so that it more effectively draws your family closer to God and each other?

5.Is there a ministry that you and your family could get involved with together to make a difference? Location 712

Ask God to give you a fear and respect for the power of money. Then, prayerfully develop and commit to a standard of living and give the rest away. Develop this “finish line” commitment in counsel with your spouse and other advisors. Write it down and ask them to hold you accountable. Location 753

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