Book Review | Walking from East to West

Walking from East to West by Ravi Zacharias is one of my favorite books of the summer. He has a powerful testimony of God’s grace towards and through him. When he passed away this summer, I was captivated by the entirety of his 2 hour memorial. What a life…what a Savior!

  • Apologetics is not just giving answers to questions—it is questioning people’s answers, and even questioning their questions.  When you question someone’s question, you compel him or her to open up about his or her own assumptions.  Our assumptions must be examined. p. 204
  • If you’re predictable in your approach—if your listeners know where you’re going—they will turn you off.  If you hand people outlines, they’re already ahead of you, just filling in blanks.  If you tell them they need love, they already know that.  The task is to find the means to stretch their thinking in unpredictable ways, to take them in directions they are not expecting to go.  Sometimes it is though an argument, sometimes through an illustration, sometimes through a stretch of the imagination.  But you’ve got to take them in a radius of directions, like the spokes of a wheel.  That is an Easterner’s natural way of thinking, while the typical Westerner’s way is more linear. p. 204
  • The lines have become clearly drawn, and it is up to the thinking Christian to train the mind, take seriously the questioner, and respond with intelligence and relevance. p. 210

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