Book Review | Dream Big

Dream Big by Bob Goff is a great read to keep your focus on the fact that God is faithful and He is working! Need to relight your pilot light? Time to sharpen your focus? Have you forgotten what it means to be excited about what’s to come? Dream Big!

  • What will you do with your one extraordinary life? Location: 265
  • There is an authenticity that brokenness can refine in our lives if we’ll let it. Location: 269
  • The fact is no map will take us where God wants to lead us. We are all off-roading most of the time. Location: 282
  • My faith has shaped my worldview and plays a big part in my ambitions. I decided to make my first and last ambition to love God and the people I come across without an agenda. Location: 309
  • Don’t be put off by the difficulties you’ll face; remember the reason why you started. Keep your ambitions and your life’s purpose in mind. Why? Because our lives are on-the-job training for eternity. Location: 322
  • If ambitions had two handles, they would be love and hope. There have never been two forces in the world more powerful than these. Much of life involves simply grabbing ahold of love and hope and never letting go.  Location: 324
  • Setting aside a time for personal reflection about who you are, why you think what you think, and why you do what you do is the heavy lifting you’ll need to do if you want to accomplish things in your life you haven’t been able to yet. Location: 330
  • Say who you are, where you are, and what you want. Then listen closely.”  Location: 533
  • We need to replace what we’ve settled for with what we’ve been longing for. We need to find ambitions worthy of our time and the effort it will take to pursue them. Location: 742
  • Quit merely asking for thicker glasses when Jesus has invited us to climb up on His shoulders for a better view. Location: 780
  • God doesn’t want us to invite Him to sit quietly in a corner like a celebrity guest either. He’s not our concierge or our butler, our muse or our roommate. Jesus is a King who came to make a kingdom, but He’s not going to try to build it on top of our stuff or around all of our activities. Location: 848
  • It doesn’t matter who you were; God cares about who you are becoming.  Location: 888
  • Our ambitions should point toward the legacy we want to leave behind. Location: 1,090
  • How am I feeling? Does God feel near? Am I living out my top priorities and most beautiful ambitions through my choices and actions? Location: 1,096
  • In the Benedictine tradition, some monks have the job of being a “porter.” I had always thought of a porter as a Sherpa who could carry my latte machine up Everest. However, for the Benedictines, a porter’s job is to get up early each day, walk down to the city gate, and greet people. Porters ask travelers this question: “What can I do to help you on your way?” Taking an interest in people means asking the same. If you want to make progress on your ambitions, ask other people about theirs. Location: 1,120
  • The trick for leading a noteworthy life is having noteworthy conversations and writing down what you learn. Location: 1,139
  • There is an Olympic athlete named Matt Emmons who is one of the best rifle marksmen in the world. He could take a hair off a flea at a hundred yards if fleas had hairs. In 2004, he represented the United States at the Olympics and had the gold medal sewn up. No one was even close to his points tally. He had one last shot, and then he could stroll over to the podium to receive his next medal. He could have hit anywhere on the target. The white part, the black part, anywhere. He steadied himself, took a half a breath, and slowly let it out as he pulled the trigger. Once again, it was another dead-on bull’s-eye. But there were no cheers, no clapping. It was total silence. Here’s why. Matt was aiming at someone else’s target. This is called “cross fire,” and it doesn’t happen often in the Olympics, but it happens every day in our lives. Like many of us, Matt hit the wrong target perfectly, but choosing someone else’s bull’s-eye cost him the win. Paul wrote to his friends and told them something worth repeating here. He told them to live a life worthy of the calling they had received. In other words, aim for your own target, not everyone else’s. If you want to do something that honors God, stop trying to be someone else and go be you. Figure out your own ambitions. Understand them. Own them. Take aim at them. Pull the trigger. Confusing someone else’s dreams for your own, or thinking your dreams should be more like theirs, will cost you the prize. Every. Single. Time. God made you uniquely gifted. Go run your own race. We can tie our hearts together without tying our shoelaces together. Location: 1,378
  • I used to spend my time doing things that worked. Now I’m trying to do things that last. It is a quarter of a twist, but an important one. Location: 2,037
  • We’re in a constant state of becoming the next version of us—and that’s a good thing. Remember that on this journey of discovering and launching your dream, you have a ton of agency over your circumstances. You can’t change what happened yesterday or five minutes ago. But tomorrow is all yours, and it’s up to you to decide what happens next. Location: 2,059
  • If we’re going to get after our ambitions, God doesn’t want us living right in the middle of comfortable anymore. He wants us living on the edge of yikes. Location: 2,243
  • Yellow highlight | 
  • Have you noticed how comfortable people seem to have all the opinions? Desperate people just have Jesus. Location: 2,247

  • When you experience a failure on the path to your ambition, remember this: just because you messed up doesn’t mean you are disqualified. Instead it gives you the street cred you need before people will really listen to what you have to say. Failures can also lead to new, important discoveries. Location: 2,582
  • Know this: God will burn down whatever it takes to get to the truth of our lives. Location: 2,600

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