Excellent read about my responsibility to the church as a follower of Christ. Thank you @BarnabasPiper!

– Belonging provides a sense of identity, a context where we think, “I can really be me.” We fit. We feel safe. We find comfort alongside those who share our opinions, interests, proclivities, animosity, or preferences. We find peace of mind in the familiar. p. 21
– Belonging, then, is not defined by where we feel most comfortable, most at ease, or by where we have the most in common with others. Belonging is defined by where God intends us to be, and therefore where he intends us to find true life and deepest satisfaction and joy. It is a moral reality, a matter of what is right in God’s eyes and what he calls us to. And it is a comforting reality, because doing what God has called us to means walking with him, living in his promises, and being in close relationship to him. p. 25

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