March 1

MAC POWELL | Such a gift to hear @macpowell share his story of God’s faithfulness. He charged us to

1. Stay in God’s word.

2. Stay connected to God’s people.

3. Stay connected to the Holy Spirit. 🔥

Thanks @amykwallace for the invite to sit in on the @nccseagles Academy Singers class today!

March 6

SERVANT LEADERSHIP | Incredible time learning about servant leadership today with the team @nsckennesaw. Really enjoyed the opportunity to hear the @chickfila story from Mac Baker and Scott Overcarsh. So many stories of where Truett Cathy could have compromised, but chose to stay true to the mission of serving people well….and how he got people to buy into that. The key takeaway whenever I hear about Chick-Fil-A is simply the relationship. Going the Second Mile to create Raving Fans. It’s never just been about a chicken sandwich…it’s the people business. Thanks so much @mikelinch for the invite to come and learn! Lots to learn and great fellowship with other leaders!

March 13

LOCK EYES WITH JESUS | Really learning a lot in our “How Do I Pray When…” series @nsckennesaw. @mikelinch has done a great job of pointing us to the true freedom that Christ followers should find in the gospel…the finished work of Christ. Instead of worrying, we should pray. At church yesterday, we were given these bracelets to remind us to be in prayer about everything and to “lock eyes with Jesus everyday and walk towards Him.” Each time I pick up my bag, this is a great reminder! #ILoveMyChurch #LiveSent

March 15

PROCLAIM THE NAME OF THE LORD | Moses words to the assembly of Israel in Deuteronomy 32 before he died. May this also be the prayer of any of us who have the opportunity to stand in front of anyone and teach them the things of God.


#YearInTheBible @thedailygraceco

March 16

STUDY GOD’S WORD + BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS | I’ve always loved sports and what sports can do for a person as far as helping them develop their God-given talents in a way that can be for the good of others. I’m a sucker for a great locker room speech. Words matter!

As we read the beginning of the book of Joshua, the Lord is commissioning Joshua as a leader after the death of Moses. The whole passage is a fantastic pep rally for your soul. He keeps it simple…

1. study God’s word and do what it says

2. be strong and courageous

The instructions are in that order because we have to know the truth of who God is before we understand the firm foundation that Christ followers are living from. Knowing the character and heart of God gives us hope when we can’t see over the hill or around the corner. Now more than ever, our culture needs bold Christians who are courageous and willing to step up for what is right. May it not be about my plans or desires, but about God’s best for our lives.

God is working. He is faithful.

#YearInTheBible @thedailygraceco

March 17

STEPH CURRY | Today was the 4th Grade Wax Museum at @NCCSEagles. Always a special time and a rite of passage in our Lower School as these kids choose a book about someone they are interested in to read, research, and prepare a presentation about.

Eli chose @stephencurry30 because Steph is his favorite basketball player. Steph grew up in a Christian school and has stayed true to his Christian values as a @nba player. Eli has loved this project and spends all his free time in the driveway working on his dribbling and shooting so he can be more like Steph.

I love that Eli’s teachers always make learning so fun and meaningful!

#7000days #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily

March 21

LIBERTY CLASSIC | The Strange crew spent this past weekend in Spartanburg, South Carolina cheering on our favorite #15 and her @575volleyballlakepoint Sharks teammates. They finished 2nd overall in the silver bracket and continue improving as individuals and as a team. Up next is the Big South tournament in Atlanta at the end of the month. Let’s go Sharks! #7000days

March 25

LIVE SENT | Our first @NCCSEagles Spring Term teams are off and rolling today to Costa Rica, St. Louis, Dominican Republic, Appalachia, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Washington D.C./New York, Memphis, and New Orleans. The rest of our 17 teams will roll out over the next 2 days for a week intentionally reserved in our Upper School schedule to give our kids a chance to “Live Sent”.

Our school mission statement is “Committed to Jesus Christ, North Cobb Christian School provides a biblically based, academically excellent education in a nurturing environment, developing students’ potential to impact their world for Christ.” We want to give our school community a chance to truly do just that…impact the world for Christ.

Thank you for praying for us as we look to Isaiah 61:1-4 to bring hope through the good news of the gospel and John 20:19-21 to walk in the commission that Christ has given us. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for His glory. I’m so thankful for an incredible group of faculty, staff, students, and families that believe this week is a key piece of what it means to be an Eagle!

#GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily #LiveSent

March 26

WHERE DID YOU SEE GOD AT WORK TODAY? | One of my favorite parts of @NCCSEagles Spring Term is when we gather with our teams at the end of the day to worship, study God’s word together, and discuss…”Where did you see God at work today?” By taking time to do this each day, we find that it begins to become a rhythm to live open-handed asking the Lord to lead and guide us. Such a treat to be led in devotions this evening by Hannah and Shelby, two of our senior girls.

God is working. He is faithful!

#GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily #LiveSent @timemissions

March 27

GOOD GOOD FATHER | We started our morning singing Good Good Father on the rooftop for devotions and all day long we’ve watched that truth unfold. We started work on the chapel today, enjoyed another precious day of sports ministry, ate like royalty, and intentionally looked for ways to join God at work here in the Dominican. We’ve met so many incredible people. We’ve laughed a ton. God is changing our hearts to be more like His. #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily #LiveSent

March 28

GRACIOUS AND KIND | The Lord is so gracious and kind. He meets our every need and then goes above and beyond by inviting us into the work He is doing for His glory and the good of others.

We worked hard today and it was HOT. We spent all day working on panels that we will put together tomorrow to build a chapel so that people who are far from God can experience life in Christ. What a day! What an incredible experience to be able to share all of this with our @NCCSEagles Spring Term team.

This has been a special week and we still have a few more days to go!

God is faithful. He is working.

#GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily #LiveSent @timemissions

March 29

LET’S HAVE CHURCH | We have had the remarkable privilege of partnering with Pastor Carlos and @timemissions this week in the Dominican Republic to build a chapel. This is a place that will be a city on a hill and a light in the darkness for the sake of the gospel.

Our heart’s desire at @NCCSEagles is to equip our students to be bold and use their gifts and talents to impact the world for Christ. Many precious moments over the last few days. Grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside this awesome team!

Will you join us in praying that many will come to know Jesus as a result of this Pastor, his congregation, and this chapel?

God is faithful. He is working.
#GoEagles#WeAreNCCS#NCCSFamily#LiveSent 🇩🇴

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