Book Review: Flight Plan

In case you haven’t guessed from my blog already…I love reading.  Even more specifically, I love reading books that encourage people to run hard after Christ with an intentional plan of becoming all that He created us to be.  That being said, you need to pick up a copy of Flight Plan: your mission to become a man.  That title seems to be an odd choice for a 31 year old woman, especially one with a 2 year old daughter!  However, I was sent a free copy of this book by one of the authors, Braxton Brady.  Braxton and I grew up together in Memphis, TN and he is now serving as the chaplain of Presbyterian Day School.  Braxton co-wrote this book with their Headmaster Lee Burns.  PDS is a private Christian school for elementary age boys located in Memphis.  Burns and Brady are both advocates of intentionally investing in young men.

As an educator I can vouch for the fact that we need to put a copy of this book in the hands of our young men.  I think that this book would be particularly helpful for middle school boys as well as those who parents or teach boys.  I can definitely say that this book helped me gain a better understanding of the boys I come in contact with on a daily basis and gave me insight on why they make some of the decisions that they do.

As a parent, I enjoyed the opportunity to read this book thinking ahead to the young men that my daughter will one day be interested in…particularly the one God intends for her to marry.  My husband and I pray daily for our daughter’s future husband.  This book helped me have a clearer understanding about what young boys are experiencing and how to encourage and pray for them.

Burns and Brady covered many different topics in this book coming from their years of experience investing in young men.  The flight plan theme is carried throughout the book and uses several stories of adventure to make their points.  I know that will really attract the boys!  I also appreciate the way that Burns and Brady used to Bible to counter some popular myths that are so pervasive in our culture.  This book is full of truth and will be a great tool in helping young men understand who they are in Christ and what their calling is as they become men of God.

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