The Gospel: Day Six

Today’s Reading: Matthew 6, Luke 6, John 6 (New American Standard Bible)


  • I love the Lord’s Prayer.  I know that it can become rote and some can say it just out of tradition.  However, I love reading it because it is a great reminder of how we are to pray.
  • Where my treasure is, there my heart will be also.  What is my treasure?
  • Don’t worry
  • “Pray and let God worry.” Martin Luther
  • What evidence is there that I am seeking God first?
  • It’s always awesome to read the “Blessed are those who….”, but also convicting to read “Woe to those who…”
  • Do I truly love my enemies?
  • Feeding five thousand and walking on water were not a big deal for Jesus.  The reason that it seems like such a huge deal to us is that we have a limited view of God.

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