Book Review: Mentor Like Jesus

This weekend I read Mentor Like Jesus by Regi Campbell.  He is the founder of Next Generation Mentoring.  I was intrigued after reading the review Michael Hyatt posted on his blog.  I was fortunate to win a free copy of this book from Hyatt’s blog.  I have been blessed by some incredible mentors in my life and have long desired the opportunity to invest in other young ladies in an intentional, thoughtful way.  This book clearly lays out a plan to mentor like Jesus did when He was pouring His life into his disciples.  I love the way that Regi broke down his thoughts in planning these groups and also talked about the commitment that each mentoree makes to mentor at least one group of eight satisfying the goal of multiplication.

I will utilize a number of these methods in helping new teachers and new students get assimilated at North Cobb Christian School as I serve both the middle and upper school this year.  Below I have pasted some things that I highlighted while reading…this book will be on my “read often” lists!

  • More time spent with fewer people equals greater kingdom impact.
  • How do I leave a legacy?
  • How will future generations even know that I was here?
  • It’s on purpose.
  • It’s a selfless endeavor.
  • It starts in a group context, not one-on-one.
  • Jesus handpicked those He mentored after prayer.
  • It was for a short, defined period of time.
  • At the core of Jesus’ teaching was Scripture.
  • Public and private prayer was huge, public, and private.
  • Jesus modeled His faith in a transparent way.
  • Jesus taught along the way of life.
  • There was a mutual commitment, and it was a huge commitment.
  • It had a required multiplication element.
  • Jesus did it, and He told you to as well. (Matthew 28:19)
  • You’ll find meaning and fulfillment.
  • It’ll sharpen you and keep you sharp.
  • “We teach what we most need to learn.”
  • It’ll make you more grateful.
  • The only consistent long-term motivation for the Christian to be selfless and to serve others is gratitude for what God has done for them.
  • You’ll leave a real living legacy.
  • You won’t waste your life.
  • Mentoring is not about coming to know something; that would be education.  Mentoring isn’t about learning to do something; that would be training.  Mentoring is about showing someone how to be something.
  • “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they will never sit in.” (Greek Proverb)
  • The beauty of a mentoring group is that it has a defined end.
  • A great mentor is one who can listen, ask good questions, bring others into the conversation, and tell a relevant story to make a point.
  • I’m looking for future leaders because God chose to equip me to be a leader.  I believe God can leverage my investment through leaders more than followers.
  • I mentor because I love Jesus and I’m grateful for what He’s done for me.  I’ve found the God life that is so meaningful and fulfilling.  I have a purpose for living, and I want my mentorees to have nothing less.
  • God has preserved you through these experiences…give you that truth so that you can leverage it for the benefit of others.  How else can He get maximum glory from it?
  • Mentoring involves modeling…doing what you do so others can see you do it and learn.
  • Great mentors are great listeners.
  • The basic premise of mentoring is to show mentorees not just how to do something but also how to be something.

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