Emma: May 2012

As always, this past month went by so fast and I have to continue to make myself stop and write down all of the fun things that we got to do with our sweet Emma. She is growing up so fast! Clint and Emma kicked off the month of May together while I was in Vancouver for four days. They are always so sweet to text me pictures and include me in nighttime prayers and stories over FaceTime…I love technology!

Emma learned how to tie her shoes this month!  Apparently that is a little ahead of the game as we have had some friends say that it is a pretty cool thing that she can do this at 3.  One of our sweet friends who goes to NCCS and Cedarcrest taught Emma how to tie her shoes and Emma has been tying ever since!  It is still hilarious to head into the closet early in the morning to put on my tennis shoes for the elliptical…only to have to untie the triple knots that Emma has put in them first!

After I returned from Canada, we enjoyed a lazy weekend at home. May is always so crazy with the end of school and it was great to claim some family time and enjoy hanging out together. My mom came down for the second weekend in May and we really enjoyed catching up with her. We had planned to go out on the boat, but the weather kept looking iffy. By the time we finally went, it ended up being pretty cold and we didn’t stay put for long. It was fun having her here to see all the fun things that Emma likes to do these days…especially ride her bike!

The bike was one of the biggest happenings of the month. we decided that Emma was too big for her tricycle and it was time for a bigger bike.  We found one she really liked and we brought it home one evening.  She has been a pro at it ever since. I think she likes the freedom of her own transportation.She keeps telling me that she is going to ride to Publix…maybe we should wait until she is 4 to let her go by herself!

The last two weeks of the school year went by quickly and Emma was so excited about her end of the year party at her preschool. She had convinced herself that it was her birthday party…in May for her November birthday…the girl loves to party.  Clint started a new job this month and had to be out in California the last week of the month…also the last week of school for me.  Emma and I had a great time hanging out together and doing fun things each evening before we got to spend some goodnight time with Daddy on FaceTime.

My brother came down for Memorial Day and we had a great time with him, Kevin was even brave enough to watch Emma for a few (6) hours while Clint and I went to NCCS graduation. They had a blast! He took her to Moe’s, the car wash, Menchie’s, and Target. He even let her sweet talk him into buying her a pair of sparkly Hello Kitty slippers and Hello Kitty band aids…he’s not so tough after all!

During Memorial Day weekend, we went to Nick’s graduation party and Emma had a blast on the huge inflatable slide they rented for the party. We headed out on the lake for the afternoon with Uncle Kevin. Emma decided it was finally time to jump off the boat. She always says she wants to and then changes her mind at the last possible minute. Well…this time she jumped out and made a huge splash and loved every second of it! She spent the next few hours jumping over and over again to Daddy and Uncle Kevin. What a blast!

Emma loves to sing and dance. She has decided that the fireplace hearth is her stage and her plastic golf clubs are her microphones. Look out Taylor Swift! Emma is a rock star with her guitar and her Hello Kitty slippers singing at the top of her lungs. Emma is such a joy and delight. She loves to ask lots of questions about God and still loves to say the prayer before meals and at bedtime. This summer, Emma and I are going to work on learning Bible verses since she has such a great memory.  We love our sweet girl and are so thankful for what a blessing she is to us!

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