Emma: January 2013

It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in 2013 and we are just a few days away from the middle of February.  Tons of fun things to celebrate so far this year with our sweet girl!

We started January by having the whole first week off to finish up Christmas vacation.  Since Clint had to work, Emma and I used the week to have some fun adventures.  She was particularly excited to spend some time up at school helping student government get ready for Homecoming.  She loves hanging out with the big kids…because she thinks she is one of them!  Our older students at NCCS are always so sweet to Emma and treat her as if they absolutely love spending time with her.  That means the world to me as she learns so much from them!

The first week back at school was Homecoming Week and that meant we had different themes each day for Spirit Wear.  The first day was Western Wear, then Superhero Day, Patriotic Day, Cartoon day, and Blue/White day.  All of the days were fun, but Superhero was my favorite as a mom.  Emma wanted to wear a cape.  She doesn’t have a cape…but she was open to me making one for her.  I used one of Clint’s white handkerchiefs and wrote EMMA with green puff paint.  She thought it was so awesome and immediately wanted to put it on.  All day long she kept saying, “Mommy…I think it is SO COOL that you actually made this for me.”  I hope she feels the same way when she is 14…I sort of doubt it!

When it came time to actually practice and run through Homecoming, Emma was so excited to help.  Her job was to spray the curtains so the wrinkles would fall out…and she did some serious spraying!  On the night of Homecoming, Emma was so excited to see all of the girls in their beautiful dresses.  They were all so sweet to take pictures with Emma…they are real life princesses to Emma!

The next weekend we headed back to Memphis to throw a baby shower for my sister and we had a blast!  I blogged about that here.  Emma is such a trooper on the long car rides and we all had a really good time together.  There are always a lot of basketball games and other school activities this time of year and Emma had a great time with some of her classmates hanging out together.

Emma has been a big help in the kitchen this month.  Both Clint and I have committed to trying to be more creative with cooking.  Emma loves to help!  She and I baked cookies from scratch for the first time and had a lot of fun with that.  She is also really a great helper for setting the table, getting things out, and putting dishes in the sink.  She has always loved to run the dishwasher and is always asking what else she can help with.  You can definitely get her to work if you help her put her apron on!

Our family enjoyed a fun lunch date at Henry’s in downtown Acworth and then Clint and Emma went up to spend the night with Clint’s mom in Summerville.  They had a great time!  When they came home Clint was sick for a couple of days, so Emma and I had a few more Mommy/Daughter adventures.  As always, the month also held lots of Daddy/Daughter breakfast dates and a ton of giggles.  We bought some new furniture for our upstairs playroom and we all love sitting on the couch and chair relaxing and hanging out with each other. There was even one surprisingly warm day the end of January that allowed Emma to ride her bike until it was too dark to play outside anymore.  We can’t wait until warm and sunny days are here to stay!

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