Emma: July 2013

We did our best to make this a really fun summer that included a lot of adventures along with some down time just to play at home.  One of the best purchases for the at home endeavors was a $4 slip and slide.  Priceless memories right there!  Emma had never done a slip and slide before and she was in heaven.  She especially enjoyed having her sweet friend Ella over to slip and slide in the rain one evening after dinner.

We were home for the week of the Fourth of July for the first time in several years.  It rained almost the entire week, but we had a lot of fun at home playing playdoh, kitchen, dress up, reading books, and just hanging out together.  On the Fourth we did some shopping and then met good friends for hibachi dinner…not the most patriotic…but definitely the only dry option that night!

Our family decided to join the YMCA.  We started looking at it for Emma to take swimming lessons and decided that our whole family would enjoy exercising together.  We are now about 6 weeks into the membership and have enjoyed it a lot.  It is also a great place to catch up with people we haven’t seen in a while.  And after all, The Y is a really great place and “You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal,
You can do whatever you feel…”

There was finally a break in the clouds at the end of the week of the Fourth and we hustled to hop on our boat for the afternoon.  It was my last day of summer as we returned to the office at NCCS the second week in July.  Emma started Princess Camp that week too and loved every second of it!  The girls dressed up as their favorite princesses and studied God’s Word about what it truly means to be a godly young lady.

We spent the following weekend on the east side of town celebrating Alex and Aislinn’s wedding.  We had such a great time with this special couple and know that God has amazing things in store for them.  The wedding was beautiful and all of the parties were a blast…Emma was so happy to get to see another bride!

Emma’s awesome K3 class had a reunion at Chick-fil-A and we had most of the restaurant to ourselves.  Emma had an amazing teacher and parapro last year and their class was really close!  The following day we surprised Emma and headed to the beach for one last getaway over a long weekend. I blogged all about that here.

We spent the last weekend in July out on the lake with Clint’s parents to celebrate his birthday (July 31).  Emma and I made homemade cookies and we took him out to dinner at Fusco’s in downtown Acworth…his annual favorite.  For Clint’s birthday, we bought him a new grill for the boat.  Since we don’t usually exchange gifts at birthdays, we try to think of things that the whole family can enjoy together.

July was a great month.  Emma continues to learn and grow and try new things.  She is so excited about the start of K4 and it is such a blast to hear the things she is thinking about these days.  God is doing some awesome things in her sweet little heart and mind and we look forward to seeing that continue to unfold in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Here are some pictures from July 2013…

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