Emma and Eli: October 2014

The first week of October was Homecoming at NCCS which is always a blast.  Emma and I had a great time dressing up for all of the spirit days.  Tacky day was her favorite…she got to wear all the things that I prefer her not to wear out of the house!  I let her help me pick out my outfits for each day and she was pretty excited about that.  Clint went out of town the second week in October.  We had a great week, but it was an awesome reminder of what an amazing husband and Daddy he is as we all had to pick up the slack in his absence.  Clint is such a blessing as he gets the kids up and ready for the day each morning.  We had some early mornings that week, but lots of fun…and early to bed nights for all of us!  One of the most special things that happened that week was when Uncle Kevin called Emma to ask her to be a flower girl in his and Marina’s wedding coming up next month.  To celebrate, Emma and I promptly baked cookies and watched YouTube videos of flower girls…lots of flower girl fails for laughs in the midst of it…but it was good research for sure!
Emma and Eli both studied community helpers in their schools for the month of October.  Eli’s class got to visit with some firemen and check out a fire truck.  He came home one day dressed as Officer Eli…he takes the law very seriously!  Emma did her first school project.  She had to create a community in a box to bring to school.  She asked me if it could only have three buildings…our home, NCCS, and Cedarcrest Church.  She said that those are the most important places to her.  I’m so pumped to hear that from our girl!  She did a great job on her project and did the whole thing herself!  Emma got to dress up as a community helper last week and she chose to dress up as a Publix worker.  One of the sweet teachers at our school works part time at Publix and she made Emma a Publix name tag…that is Emma’s most precious possession these days!
On October 11, Emma and I participated in the Tim Crunk 5K for the third year in a row.  Emma and I were on the planning committee this year and had a blast with that.  Emma ran in the race with our NCCS Soaring Eagles cross country team (lower school kids) and had a lot of fun.  Emma was so proud to have helped with the race and asked already if we can help again next year….definitely!
The weather in October provided lots of opportunities for bike riding and playing outside.  We got a little seat for the back of Clint’s bike so that Eli can ride along and he seems to like it so far.
At the end of the month, Emma was part of a group of kids that were honored in “Good Conduct Court” in chapel.  Her teacher submitted her as someone who was extra helpful in class.  We were excited to see Emma doing that on her own.  We pray those are the types of things that she will be known for.  Our Lower School Principal, Academic Dean, and Emma’s teacher made that a very special milestone for our girl!
On October 15 we got awesome news that my sister’s twin sons arrived safely. Emma and I hit the road to meet Simon and James and headed to Memphis for the weekend.  We are totally in love with these little guys!  Emma and I are headed back to Memphis this weekend to help out for a few days.  I had so much fun traveling with Emma and just getting to chat in the car.  We really missed Clint and Eli, but were grateful for technology to FaceTime with them!  Eli really got into the video chatting…he is growing up so much!
Our family headed up to Merceir’s Orchards after church one Sunday for an afternoon of Apple Picking.  It was a beautiful day and we had a blast!  We came home with 60+ apples and lots of funny memories.  We will definitely do that again!  The following weekend our sweet friend Corrie took our family pictures in downtown Kennesaw and Uncle Kevin came up for the weekend.  We headed over to a local pumpkin patch one evening last week to grab some fall pics and to pick out a few pumpkins.  Eli and Emma had a lot of fun handing out candy on Halloween.
Eli has been home almost 6 months and it is so amazing to see all the cool things he is learning.  He brings so much joy to our family. He has a hilarious sense of humor and he absolutely adores Emma.  Emma kisses him and hugs him all the time.  I think she is trying to make up for lost time when he was a baby…and he loves it!  I’m sure he won’t always appreciate that, so she better make the most of it now!  Emma will be 6 in a few weeks and Eli will turn 2 right after that.  What a treasure to see these two grow up together!
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