Book Review: Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story




I have heard a lot of great things about Dr. Benjamin Carson ever since he spoke a few years ago at the National Prayer Breakfast.  I’ve heard his name tossed around several times as a potential Republican Presidential Candidate who would represent conservative Christians.  Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story is an in-depth look at how Dr. Carson grew up in Detroit, Boston, and back to Detroit on his way to Yale, Michigan Medical School, and then to his current post as Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.  Carson was raised by a mom with a third grade education that was committed to doing whatever it took to make sure both of her sons had the best possible opportunities for success.  Carson’s path was anything but an easy one on his way from government housing to being feted in the national media for his innovative ideas and methods related to pediatric neurosurgery.  I really enjoyed reading more about this innovative doctor and learning more about some of the procedures he has performed…especially the very complicated hemispherectomy he has done to relieve patients of the maladies associated with brain tumors including seizures.  I intentionally didn’t highlight anything while reading this book in an attempt to just enjoy getting to know this man that conservative thought leaders have thrust into national prominence.  I particularly enjoyed reading stories throughout this book of how Dr. Carson knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God intervened in particular situations where there could be no other possible explanation.  Based on what I read in this book, I think that I could vote for Dr. Carson if he threw his name in the hat for the presidential race.

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