Flood Relief Need: Paulding County ASAP

I just received this email from my neighbor that teaches in a Paulding County School.  I know it is last minute since this is for tomorrow, but if you could help out or even spread the word, that would be awesome!  This is a great opportunity to share Christ by meeting some practical needs.

Hello Neighboring schools,
It was said that humanity often comes together to help one another during time of crisis, I wish we held that philosohpy all of the time. However Crisis has hit our Paulding Families and we need to come together to help them. Today, Connie Plunkett-Thompson and Myself went to Carrington Lakes and Cantebury Subdivisions (off Baker’s Bridge Rd) to survey the damage from the floods. It was devastating to see families living in tents in their front yard and emptying their belongings and memories into dumpsters. We stopped and talked to families and asked how we could help and what their immediate needs are. The consensus was cleaning and storage supplies. To help our families in need we are setting up a Flood Relief Day at Austin Middle School this Saturday from 9-12. We will distribute any donated items to the families in need and provide hot breakfast for the families. If you would like to participate in this cause please bring items to Austin Middle School on Friday or Saturday morning at 8am. Thank You for your help.

Needed Items
Disposable Diapers
Spray Bottles
Rubber Gloves
Work Gloves
Paper towels
Sponge mops
Heavy Duty Trash Bags
Storage Tubs
Packing Tape
Bottled Water

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