Book Review | get your life back

get your life back by John Eldredge speaks deeply to your weary soul. How did we get here? Why do things feel like they are spinning out of control all around us? Genesis 3 gives us the first clues when we turned from God and put our attention on ourselves…and it’s only gotten bigger and further away from God’s plan since then. Three helpful tips on this one…read it in the paperback version, read as much of it outside as you can, and do your best to stick to one chapter at a time. This book points back to the goodness and faithfulness of God. And in God, we can find our way home.

I highlighted several things while reading and have pasted those notes below…

  • We’ve been sucked into a pace of life that nobody’s enjoying. p. xii 
  • My soul just can’t do life at the speed of smartphones. p. xiii
  • People have this unspoken assumption they can enter your world anytime. It’s suffocating to the soul; there’s no breathing room. p. 23
  • The invitation of God is an unburdened life. (Matthew 11:28-30) p. 24
  • what has become the normal daily consumption of input is numbing the soul with artificial meaning and purpose while in fact the soul grows thinner and thinner through neglect, harmed by the very madness that passes for a progressive life. We are literally being forced into the “shallows” of our life. p. 49
  • The things currently assaulting us are things we can choose not to participate in. p. 49
  • Do you allow a grace of transitions in your life, or do you simple blast from one things to the next? p. 69
  • It does the heart good to remember. p.151
  • We are pursuing a sustaining grace, a power, presence, life force–the daily experience of more of God in more of us. We are doing this largely through the healing and restoration of our own souls, the beautiful, besieged vessels he longs to fill. p. 171
  • If I’ve lost the capacity for, and the enjoyment of relationship, I know things are deeply off in my soul. p. 187
  • Philippians 4:9 What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.
  • May the Son of God, who is already formed in you, grow in you, so that for you he will become immeasurable, and that in you he will become laughter, exultation, the fullness of joy which no one can take from you.-ISAAC OF STELLA p. 197

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