Strange Family Adventures: December 2021

December 1 TENNIS | Today brought the @NCCSEagles Middle School Tennis season to a close. Our awesome middle school girls team advanced to the finals of the Metro 10 playoffs for the first time in several years. They finished runner-up to a very good team. All of the girls improved so much and we are so grateful for our amazing Coach Julia Swank! This has been such a fun season! #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily 🎾

December 8 ELIJAH | Happy 9th Birthday to the son God clearly chose for our family! Eli brings so much joy to our Strange crew. What a blast to celebrate our little guy! Eli loves sports, teasing his sister, dancing and singing through the house, playing outside with friends, and reading! Clint, Emma, and I are so blessed by him and we love celebrating Eli today!

Birthdays are always interesting because I can’t help but think of Eli‘a first Mom and the incredible gift she offered him by placing him in a Christian children’s home in Ethiopia when she knew she wasn’t at a place in her life to raise a child. I don’t have his baby pictures and she doesn’t have these pictures, but God knows. He sees and He covers all those things. #Adoption

Happy Birthday to our amazing son! We love you buddy and we know that God has incredible plans for your life! #7000days

December 16 WOOD-FIRED FELLOWSHIP | What a team! I’m so grateful for the incredible team God has blessed us with in the Upper School @NCCSEagles. We work hard and we play hard. This has been an awesome semester and today we celebrated with pizza! Our resident chefs @andreadignon, @bigbrave, @hannah.w.speck, and @kristinalynnbaker spoiled us all with made to order wood-fired pizza on the @oonihq pizza ovens.

We also celebrated Coach Speck earning his Master’s degree! 🧑🏼‍🎓

Lots of laughter and great conversation just sitting around the table. Grateful for the time and space to enjoy each other’s company today as we celebrate Christmas. #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily

December 18 CHRISTMAS BREAK | What a gift! The more the hustle and bustle of life turns up, the more I value this time early on a Saturday morning just to sit and read. Looking forward to many slow mornings over the next few weeks. Grateful for these intentional breaks on the calendar to be reminded that we weren’t designed to be going and doing all the time. #Sabbath

December 20 WELL DONE | Tonight was a taste of heaven and a reminder why life on this earth can be so hard. We gathered to celebrate the life of @NCCSEagles alum Gabe Costa (‘20) who passed away in a car accident back in August.

When Gabe passed away, all of his friends had already headed off to college and we weren’t able to gather then. Tonight we gathered.

We worshipped. We shared stories. We looked to God’s word (Philemon 4-7). We laughed. We cried. We learned some fun confessions. We had a chance to share our gratitude to Gabe’s family for loaning him to us from Brazil for four years. And we talked about how the gospel points us to a life that doesn’t have sorrow and sadness.

Ms. “Cooking”, one of Gabe’s favorites, said as we were cleaning up that tonight reminded her of the words from Blessed Assurance where it talks about a “foretaste of glory divine.” That it was for sure!

Thank you @beth.clark20, @sarahkaycook, and the Club Costa families for putting together a night that was encouraging to all who knew our precious friend Gabe.

God is faithful. He is working. #57 #HelloPeople #PastelPants #ClubCosta #TheCowboyRidesAway

December 23 NASHVILLE | Really enjoyed the chance to get away with our crew for 48 hours to revisit the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. We had a blast at Soundwaves, read, ate, rested, wandered around, and just had fun together to kick off a glorious Christmas break together. Grateful for these days!

Swipe to the very end to see a pic of us in front of the same tree a mere 6 years…and a lot of life…ago. #7000days

December 24 MERRY CHRISTMAS | So grateful for the opportunity to worship with family and friends @cedarcrestchurch on Christmas Eve Eve. We’ve enjoyed some sweet time at home and can’t wait for more time together over the next several days! #7000days

December 31 BEST BOOKS | Here are my 10 favorite books from 2021. Deeper by Dane Ortlund was my absolute favorite…his Gentle and Lowly was my favorite of 2020. Here’s to hoping he writes a new one in 2022! The other 9 are in no particular order, but all great ones that I’d recommend heartily. I’ll post the whole list of Books from 2021 later on

I’d love to hear what you are hoping to read in 2022…here are a few that are already on my list.

God of the Garden @andrewpetersonmusic

The Deeply Formed Life @richvillodas

The Judge’s List @johngrisham

Don’t Give The Enemy a Seat At Your Table @louiegiglio


December 31 FELIZ NAVIDAD | Christmas in Cancun with my Strange people and my Mom was a blast! Grateful for the time away to rest, play, eat, and just enjoy each other’s company. Cheered on our favorite College Football team on the flight home. #RollTide

5 Negative COVID tests later, we are home in Atlanta. #Cancun 🇲🇽

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