Strange Family Adventures | January 2022

January 3 GRIDDLE | If the principal thing doesn’t work out…I might become a short order cook. Hibachi for the family for dinner and grilled chicken and salmon for my lunches this week. I really want to get better about cooking this year…the griddle even makes it fun! @blackstoneproducts

January 4 AMERICAN UNDERDOG | The Strange crew went to see this after church on Sunday. Great movie…awesome story! Our kids really enjoyed it also. I hope you’ll check it out. @kurt13warner really has an interesting journey to share.

January 9 CONGRATULATIONS | Huge congratulations to @nsckennesaw on their 25th Anniversary celebration today! I’ve had the privilege of living in Acworth for just over 21 of their 25 years and NorthStar has been such a blessing to me and so many others. @mikelinch @revswife91 @slauenford @richsethhardy @coleragsdale @caseylinch and so many others on their team are dear friends and partners in ministry. It’s been an exciting first 25 years of helping people “find their way home”, but I truly believe the greatest days for NorthStar are still to come. Happy 25th!

January 16 GEN Z | Grateful for this helpful resource from @barnagroup and @impact360, two excellent partners in the journey to reach Gen Z for Christ. The students in this generation were born between 1999-2015. I’ve got two of these precious Gen Z’ers growing up in my house and close to 400 of them that I have the privilege of cheering on @nccseagles. How can we invest in the hearts and minds of this generation to point them to Jesus and encourage them to bring lots of their friends along to learn more? This crew can smell fake a mile away, they have strong convictions, they don’t want to hurt others, and they are concerned about what the future holds. They are thoughtful and fun and a joy to be around. Asking the Lord to help me ask the right questions and give me courage to to speak boldly into this group. God has HUGE plans for each of them! #GenZ #FutureIsNow #SolidSnowDayRead

January 19 STRANGE FAMILY ADVENTURES | We did this a few weeks later than we normally do, but it was as sweet as ever to be reminded of so many cool opportunities the Lord gave our Strange family over the past year. This pile includes all kinds of random ticket stubs, hotel keys, plane tickets, race numbers, coffee shop sleeves, camp bracelets, programs, and more. It’s always special to dump out the jar and then sit around the pile and pull things out and reminisce. Many wonderful memories of time spent together. Grateful for each of the moments…and even more thankful to make those memories with @clintstrange32, Emma, and Eli. Excited to know that our 2022 jar of Strange Family Adventures is well underway! #AdventuresOverStuff #PeopleOverPossessions #7000days

January 20 TOO COOL | It’s a big day for this guy. He got an Amazon giftcard for Christmas. So..we opened him an Amazon account. He placed his very first order for 4 “who was/who is” books and an arm sleeve like the “cool” basketball players wear. The excitement level is through the roof over here because the arm sleeve has officially arrived.

I just don’t have the heart to tell him that people usually wear shirts with them. We’ll cover that tomorrow. 😂😂 But for now, he prefers to be called “Buckets” or “Swish”. Love this little guy of ours! #7000days

January 27 ALUMNI ROAD TRIP | Last night was awesome…what a reminder of God’s faithfulness! We had a blast visiting some of our @NCCSEagles alums that are students at the University of Georgia. Athens is a great town! Coffee at @bittyandbeauscoffee and Dinner at @cali_n_titos.

My favorite part of these gatherings is hearing how our “kids” are doing and how the Lord is working in their lives. I love hearing how they are growing, what they are passionate about, and what they are focused on. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing some of these kids since they started at NCCS in kindergarten! Look what God has done! #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily

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