I drove by this McDonald’s in Cartersville this evening while out running errands. Anytime I pass it, I’m overwhelmed at the reminder of God’s faithfulness. And I know that sounds weird. Nothing to do with the Big Macs I assure you 😂😂

I moved to Acworth 23 years ago this month. It was just a few weeks after I graduated from college. My mom, brother, and sister helped me move down the day after Christmas 2000. I didn’t know a soul in Acworth. They stayed a few days to help me get settled and then headed back to Memphis and I was flying solo.

The first Sunday after they left, I ran some errands after church and ducked into this McDonald’s to grab some lunch. I was feeling lonely and a little sorry for myself…wondering if I truly was following the Lord by moving here. Also, while I was eating my sad lunch and wallowing in my pity party…a very confused older man sat at my table and ate his lunch as well. I don’t think he even knew I was there.

In that moment, I experienced the closest thing to an audible word from God…just an overwhelming feeling that God was saying “trust me…you won’t be lonely for long.” That moment gave me courage to step into the next days, weeks, months, and 23 years.

I couldn’t have ever dreamed to ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20) all the people that the Lord has blessed me with over these years: @clintstrange32, Emma, Eli, @nccseagles, @nsckennesaw, and precious friends who have become like family. I’m so thankful for that awkward lunch at the Cartersville McDonald’s all those years ago.

Wherever you are and whatever you need…God sees you. He loves you. He has plans and a purpose for you.

God is faithful. He is working.

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