First Week of Seminary

My seminary experience online with Liberty University is off to a fast and furious start. I am really enjoying it so far, but it does require a good bit of time. This past weekend I read “Jewish Backgrounds to the New Testament”…358 pages. Pretty interesting stuff..just a ton of reading in a short time. This week I have viewed 4 video lessons. So far we have covered…
1. Introductions: Isagogics, Testament v Covenant, and Bible Geography (Part 1)
2. Bible Geography (Part 2)
3. New Testament History
4. Judaism

I was supposed to read the book this week. Next week was supposed to be the 4 lessons and Test #1. I am leaving Monday morning for a mission trip to Costa Rica with our senior class. I am working ahead so that I can take my test before we go. That way, on the trip, I’ll only have to do some reading and not watch any videos or do any online work. Hopefully it’ll all work out alright.

Some folks have asked how Distance Learning is working. I’ll show you what it looks like on my big screen TV. I am taking the picture from my “study area” on my futon. This is much better than an 8am lecture hall!!


  1. I bet this is really cutting in to Clint’s xBox time….I’ll be praying for him.

  2. makes me think of the little mermaid…

    glad it’s going well. i’ll be quiet on the plane so you can study. promise.

  3. at least its more comfortable when you fall asleep in class….

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