Christmas Bible Reading

Do you have a specific Bible reading plan to read through the Christmas story this year?  I have mentioned on this website several times, so I will go ahead and point towards that awesome online resource again.  This is the resource I used to read through the entire Bible last year at a very manageable pace.  I also used YouVersion to read through all four gospels earlier this fall and enjoyed the way they had the readings broken down.  YouVersion is a homerun for me because I can log in from my computer, my iPhone, or my iPad for the daily readings.  I always encourage my students to look for opportunities to study God’s Word that will help them be most faithful to that discipline.  YouVersion works for me and it might work for you!

When I heard last week that they had put together a month long reading plan focused towards Christmas, I decided that I would like to do that once I concluded my study of the book of James.  I finished James a couple of days ago and will start the Christmas plan tomorrow.  The website says that if I start on December 1, it will finish on December 24.  Would you consider joining me in this endeavor to refocus our hearts on the anticipation of the Christmas season?

Click here for the link to the YouVersion Christmas reading plan.

If you’ve never been to YouVersion before, click here to get started.  You’ll be glad you did!

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