I took some time today to go through and organize some files on my computer. I also organized some of my pictures. I ran across some pictures from when Clint and I went to the Bahamas in August 2004. We went with some of our best friends Jim, Kelly, and James Bitner. The Bitner’s were headed to Florida earlier in the summer when Kelly had to have her gall bladder removed. They still went, but we convinced them to head to the Bahamas with us also.

We arrived in the Bahamas on a Monday morning to stay until Saturday. On Tuesday morning we found out a hurricane was headed our way and we would have to evacuate the island. We spent Tuesday having some fun on the deserted island. Wednesday we boarded a plane that the hotel chartered to evacuate their guests back to Ft. Lauderdale (remember we live north of Atlanta…that is important to note).

Once we got back to Ft. Lauderdale, we jumped in a rental van to make the drive home. Normally that would be about a 10 hour drive back to Atlanta. It took us 26 hours!! We were evacuating right alongside all of the other residents of Florida. At one point, it took us 9 hours to go 90 miles! It was quite the adventure.

Lots of folks ask if we are still friends after 26 hours in a van. I’ll just put it this way. We dropped Jim, Kelly, and James off at home Thursday evening and then we all went out to eat on Friday evening. We are still great friends to this day and have laughed many times remembering our crazy Bahamas vacation!

Anyways…here are some pictures of the island. It looks beautiful, you’d never know a hurricane was coming. It’s a good thing we evacuated. After the storm hit, the aiport was closed for a few weeks.

Bahamas 2004

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