Book Review: Rebooting My Brain

I’m not really sure what led me to read, Rebooting My Brain by Maria Ross, but I am really glad I did!  I picked this book up on Amazon when it was free for Kindle a few weeks ago.  Maria writes about her experiences as a 35 year old year old woman who suffered a devastating brain aneurysm in the midst of an otherwise normal life that was quite easy to identify with.  Her vivid account of what she has learned from this entire ordeal is a great eye-opener for someone like me that allows too many things to take priority when they really shouldn’t.

I chose to read this book without highlighting anything.  I enjoyed the opportunity to fully engage Maria’s story.  She did a great job recounting her entire ordeal and shared very openly about how the writing was a part of the healing process for her and her husband.  Maria strikes me as the type of person that I’d really enjoy grabbing lunch with.  Perhaps someday!


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  1. Thanks Megan for the kind words about my book. The response I’ve been getting from brain injury survivors and their caregivers has made me truly know this book was the reason I was given a second chanc. So appreciate you helping to spread the word of education and inspiration. And yes, I think I’d like to grab lunch with you someday, too!

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