Emma: September 2012

September was a fun month in the Strange house.  We didn’t have any big Labor Day plans, so we spent the weekend hanging out with great friends and going out on the boat one last time.  Labor Day was sort of rainy, so we decided to use the day for some organization projects around the house and a chance to knock some things off the to-do list.  We’ve been wanting to get a passport for Emma for a while, so we headed up to CVS to get her passport pictures made.  What a riot!  The guy had probably never taken a kid’s picture before and it ended up taking like 30 pictures to get something we could use.  The big issue was the smile.  The guy said that you can smile for a passport picture, but you can’t show your teeth.  We later found that he might not have been correct about that.  Well…it was pretty hilarious.  Emma had to keep her mouth closed while trying to smile.  She experimented with all kinds of funny faces!  Let’s just say that her passport picture isn’t the best picture we have of her…but it will always bring funny memories anytime we see it!

One of the funniest moments of the month came on the car ride home from school one day.  I really do treasure my time with Emma in the car on the way to school and on the way home.  She is a big talker and I enjoy getting to know what is going on in her sweet little heart and mind.  I can always tell when she has had a really fun day at school and in Quest club after school because she falls asleep in the backseat.  One day she fell asleep, so I decided to give my sister a call to catch up on her week.  I was almost home when I heard that Emma was awake in the backseat.  I was stopped at a traffic light, so I turned around to see what she was doing while still listening to my sister.  I immediately burst out laughing.  Sometimes I go through Starbucks on the way to school in the morning.  I always order Emma a small ice water to drink in the car.  We had done that on that particular morning so there was still water in the cup on our way home.  Emma had taken the lid off the cup and was washing her hair in the cup.  She had divided her hair up in little sections and was going to town with the cup!  It was so funny, I couldn’t stop her…but I did snap a picture.  I’m sure she thought that would save time after dinner so she could play later!  Emma is so creative, you just really never know what is coming up next!

North Cobb Christian School started having Fall Break a few years ago and we really love it!  Emma and I were so excited about a few days off that we bought round trip plane tickets to Memphis and made plans to spend a few days with my sister, brother-in-law, and mom…and Buddy the dog.  We were flying out Saturday very early and then returning Tuesday evening.  At the last minute, we scored a great deal on Groupon for tickets to the Braves game that Friday night with our friends the Bitners.  We had a great time at the game…and the post game fireworks!  We got home around 1am in time to catch a few hours of sleep before we left the house at 6am for our 8am flight.  Emma and I had a great time in Memphis visiting our family and catching up on some of our favorite places to eat.  One of our favorite things was spending Sunday afternoon at Putt-Putt riding go-karts, playing mini-golf, and enjoying a few video games with the Germantown UMC folks at their annual church Fun Day.  The trip was super relaxing and we can’t wait to visit again soon!

We came back from Memphis and only had two days of school that week.  That Friday night we had an all staff family cookout on the football field to try out the new football lights.  We had a huge turnout and had a great time eating, catching up with everyone’s family, and playing soccer and football under the lights.  It is such a privilege to “do life” together with the team at NCCS.  I love that my Emma has so many great friends to grow up with and that Clint and I have such awesome partners in life!

The next night, we hosted a surprise birthday party for our good friend Rachel.  There were about 35 people here for BBQ and fellowship.  Emma played soccer in the yard with her friends until it was just too dark to see.  Again, a huge crowd from NCCS full of people whose friendship we treasure.

The last weekend of the month was packed with football.  Friday night was the first NCCS Football game under the lights.  The place was packed and our boys had a huge 47-7 win!  Emma had a great time running around with all of her friends.  We woke up early Saturday morning and headed down to Georgia Tech for a noon kickoff against Middle Tennessee State University.  Unfortunately, Tech lost, but we had a great time.  The weather was beautiful..our seats were awesome…and we got to see our good friends The Stricklands.  After the game, Clint took us to an early dinner at Mary Mac’s Tea Room and then we grabbed ice cream on the way home.  Talk about a fun day!

Emma has really grown into a responsible and thoughtful little girl.  She is a great helper and is a prayer warrior.  Her Bible verse at school for the month of September was “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalm 139:14.  I’m so glad that she knows that by what she learns at home and also by what she is learning from her awesome teachers at NCCS.  Emma loves to laugh.  Her writing is getting really good and her soccer skills  make her an excellent candidate for the women’s national team…or maybe a preschool team this fall!

Here are some pictures from September 2012 with our sweet girl…

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