Book Review: Coming Back Stronger

I saw a tweet the other day that Drew Brees‘ book Coming Back Stronger was available for free on Kindle.  I’ve always enjoyed watching Brees play and have heard good things about the kind of person that he is.  This book chronicles Brees’ journey from high school football fields in Texas to his moment on the grand stage accepting the Lombardi trophy as the Super Bowl XLIV MVP.  There are several parts of the book that are certainly worth highlighting, but my very favorite part is from the end of the book.  Brees is a Christian and he chronicles his faith journey through in a way that is very transparent.  He took the time at the end of the book to summarize what he felt were the most important things he wanted a person to remember should they ever encounter adversity.  This is “Drew’s Epilogue”…

1. Find a mentor and humble yourself to learn from them.

2. Don’t give up. If you get knocked down, get up.

3. Turn your defeats into triumphs.

4. Dream. Then mix the vision with hard work and commitment.

5. Hope. Believe in something bigger than yourself—specifically, God.

6. Be flexible to be able to see when you must change directions.

7. See adversity as an opportunity. God works everything together for good.

8. Don’t be afraid of taking a few steps back if needed to build momentum.

9. Don’t spectate—be ready for the next opportunity.

10. Remember who you are and have faith.

11. End strong—it’s not how you start but how you finish that counts.

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