Most of our friends tease us because we are never home. Clint and I seem to be out doing something or hanging out somewhere every night. It is the reason that our houseplants are always on the verge of death and why we wouldn’t even consider owning a pet. We have only been home 2 weekends since before Memorial Day Weekend. I’m not bragging, unfortunately, that is really how crazy our life usually is. It is all a matter of choice. We enjoy seeing our friends, we enjoy eating out, and we both like to always have something to do. We just aren’t wired to sit at home. Neither of us is really interested in television or gardening or anything that really requires you to be at home.

However, in the midst of our busyness we have come to really cherish the time that we can be at home with nothing going on. We are so ready to be home that we are reclaiming our calendars. I am going to be out of town Saturday for a rafting trip with school. Clint has school all day Saturday and Sunday. Next weekend will be tied up with last minute retreat preparations. Some of our best friends have invited us to go out of town Labor Day Weekend. At first we were pretty excited about heading out again. However, we have decided to throw on the brakes and stay home for the weekend.

Sunday night I got in early evening from a great weekend in Nashville and Clint got back from Summerville. We ended up going for a walk and then piddling around the house. Yesterday I came home around 4:30 (a record for getting home from school) and we headed up to the pool for about an hour. Then, we cooked dinner together, and finished up the night playing tennis together for about an hour once the sun went down. Tonight we ate at Moe’s after a volleyball game at school. We came home and did a few things and then headed out for an hour on a walk.

I am excited about the pace of this school year and the fact that we are getting into a healthier routine right off the bat. I cherish the time that Clint and I spend walking, biking, playing cards, or just sitting and talking. Next week we will celebrate our fourth anniversary. I am glad that we are finally starting to make good choices about how we spend our time.

I am the worst one about taking a break and slowing down. I just thought it might be a good idea to blog about this so I can be held accountable.

I am looking forward to our walk tomorrow night!

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